What is Berlinale Panorama?

What is Berlinale Panorama?

Panorama screens extraordinary cinema, is a traditional audience favourite and – with its own audience award – has the festival’s biggest jury. Every year since 1999, the Berlinale’s biggest jury – the Panorama audience – has awarded the Panorama Audience Award for the most popular feature film and documentary.

What is Perspektive Deutsches Kino?

Perspektive Deutsches Kino (Perspectives on German Cinema): the name says it all. The section opens up various perspectives on the German film landscape. The journey into the future of filmmaking begins here, for directors and producers as well as for all the other film disciplines.

How is Berlinale film festival celebrated?

The Berlinale Talents, a week-long series of lectures and workshops, is a gathering of young filmmakers held in partnership with the festival. The film festival, EFM, and other satellite events are attended by around 20,000 professionals from over 130 countries every year.

Where does the Berlinale take place?

Berlin2019, 2018, 2017.
Berlin International Film Festival/Event locations

Where does Berlinale take place?

What is Panorama at Berlinale?

The section has always recognised its audience as its closest ally. In Panorama, the audience, filmmakers, the industry and the press are all equal partners. Here, the cinema becomes a public meeting place for everyone who loves film. With the TEDDY AWARD, Panorama is responsible for the Berlinale’s queer film prize across all sections.

What is Panorama?

In terms of aesthetics and form, Panorama has its finger on the pulse of contemporary international cinema. Here a wide and curious audience can discover films that offer friction and provide material for discussion. The selection of films is simultaneously an invitation and a demand to see cinema in a different light.

Who is the head of Panorama 2019?

From July 2017 to July 2019, the section was led by Paz Lázaro. During this time, Panorama was co-curated by Michael Stütz and the two were supported by Andreas Struck until 2018. Since June 2019, Michael Stütz has been head of Panorama.

Who are the actors in Panorama?

Panorama titles include the world premiers of Tim Sutton’s Taurusstarring Megan Fox, Scoot McNairy, Colson Baker and Ruby Rose, the Italian feature Into My Namefrom Nicolò Bassetti and Talking About the Weatherfrom German director Annika Pinske.

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