What is Bffl mean?

What is Bffl mean?

Also found in: Idioms. Acronym. Definition. BFFL. Best Friends for Life.

What is the real meaning of bestie?

best friend
Your bestie is your best friend. [informal] She spent the day hanging out with her bestie.

Can bestie be lovers?

It’s okay to have feelings of love because of the trust you share with your best friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are in love. But it does mean you have the ingredients to develop awesome love which could turn into a great marriage. Someone once said great friends make great lovers.

What Does friends for life mean?

A friend for life is somebody that loves you for the core of who you are. In turn, you love them for the center of their being as well. They are loyal, and they want to be there for you through the inevitable tough times that you’ll go through.

What does BBF stand for?


Acronym Definition
BBF Best Best Friend
BBF Beer Buddies Forever
BBF Better Boys Foundation (Chicago, IL)
BBF Bursty Bulk Flow

How do you flirt Korean phrases?

Here is the list of romantic Korean phrases you’ll need!

  1. I miss you – 보고 싶어 (bogo sipeo)
  2. I like you – 좋아해 (joahae)
  3. I like you a lot – 많이 좋아해 (mani joahae)
  4. I want to see you – 만나고 싶어 (mannago sipeo)
  5. I love you – 사랑해 (saranghae)
  6. I love you too – 나도 사랑해 (nado saranghae)

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