What is brazuca?

What is brazuca?

Means: Someone born in Brazil or something made in Brazil. Also used to describe national pride in anything with a Brazilian nature. Example of use: Miguel’s wearing all yellow and green colors today, he’s a true Brazuca.

Is the brazuca good?

brazuca is, by the nature of the materials used in the ball, very grippy. It sticks to your foot in the best way possible and every little touch is easily measured. That grip allows for that extra fraction of contact time on the ball and it feels like it is that much easier to bend the ball just that little bit more.

Who designed brazuca?

Anna Winston: Tell us about the design of the Brazuca. Antonio Zea: In creating a ball for an event like the FIFA World Cup, it is important that we reflect the culture of the host nation. Therefore, we encapsulated the essence of Brazil and their passion for the game in the design through three main aspects.

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