What is CAS2Net?

What is CAS2Net?

CAS2Net is short for the Contribution-Based Compensation and Appraisal System Software for the Internet. It is a DoD-sponsored web-based software application which is maintained. by the DoD AcqDemo Program Office.

What is a paypool?

A pay pool is a group of employees who are evaluated together under AcqDemo’s performance management system, the Contribution-Based Compensation and Appraisal System, or CCAS. A pay pool should consist of between 35 and 300 employees.

What does CRI stand for in AcqDemo?

Currently, basic pay adjustments within a broadband level are made only with the AcqDemo CCAS Contribution Rating Increase (CRI). However, a study is underway for a new flexibility that would allow a basic pay adjustment within a broadband level external to the CCAS process.

Are money pools illegal?

Real-money pools, even just between friends, with no one taking a cut, are “generally illegal in 37 of 50 states,” according to a 2018 legal analysis commissioned by the American Gaming Association.

Does PayPal money pool cost anything?

Anyone who has a PayPal account in these regions can create a Money Pool, or contribute to one. The service, PayPal says, is free when you use money from your PayPal wallet, or a debit card or a bank account linked to your PayPal account.

Is AcqDemo competitive service?

Because it is a contribution-based pay system, AcqDemo does not have to use special pay tables to be competitive. Its “Basic Pay” essentially encompasses all forms of Title 5 adjusted pay except for locality and, therefore, carries the same weight as Title 5 “Base Pay.” Pay Setting under AcqDemo is fairly simple.

What is the GS equivalent to NH 4?

NH-04 was a pay band of GS-14 through GS-15.

Is a tanda legal?

Cons Explained. Risk that you won’t be paid: Since tandas are not regulated and are based on social contracts, there is no legal recourse if the group members don’t follow through on their payments.

Why are PayPal money pools ending?

Why is PayPal closing Money Pools? PayPal says it is “consistently evolving our customer experience to provide more convenient and flexible ways for you to pay and get paid whether online, in app, or in store” and that closing Money Pools will allow it “to sharpen our focus on more specialized money raising services.”

What can I use instead of PayPal pool?


  • Braintree.
  • Masterpass.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay.
  • Payoneer.
  • Skrill.
  • PayPal alternatives at a glance.

How is GS promotion pay calculated?

The two-step promotion rule states that a GS employee promoted to a position in a higher grade is entitled to basic pay at the lowest rate of the higher grade that exceeds his or her existing rate of basic pay by not less than two step increases of the grade from which promoted.

How much does a NH-04 make?

Redstone Arsenal, Al: Position will be filled at the NH-04 Medium starting salary of $112,548 to $155,853.

What is acqdemo cas2net training?

CAS2Net 2.0 is an online reporting system of the Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS), a results-based, competency-linked pay banding and performance-based pay system. The purpose of this training is to describe the features and capabilities of CAS2Net 2.0 that are available to Employees and Supervisors in AcqDemo.

What is the purpose of the cas2net training?

The purpose of this training is to describe the features and capabilities of CAS2Net that are available to Employees and Supervisors in AcqDemo. Looking for more…

Where can I Find employee details for cas2net enhancements?

Employee Detail (Click on Name to Open File) http:/acqdemo.hci.mil CAS2Net Enhancements – Session Countdown Timer Contribution Plan, Midpoint Assessment, Closeout Assessment, Additional Feedback, and Annual Assessment

What is a trusted agent in cas2net?

is a CAS2Net user who will serve as the backup for a specific Supervisor who may be unavailable to perform the Supervisor function in CAS2Net. The Trusted Agent functionality is assigned by the Pay Pool Superuser to an user to perform another user’s supervisory role.

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