What is CEME?

What is CEME?

Established in 1974, CEME is now a landmark for solenoid pumps and solenoid valves production in Italy and throughout the world.

Who is M/E Engineering’s CFO?

Previous President, Ron Mead is now CFO of M/E Engineering and is responsible for managing the financial actions of the company. He is an integral part of M/E’s professional staff development. Ron was one of the founders of the firm in 1992.

What does Ken Swan do at M/E?

Ken Swan serves as Manager of the firm’s Sustainability/Commissioning Services Group, and brought 30 years of experience when he joined M/E Engineering in 2007. He is responsible for the engineering, scheduling and oversight of the group’s Commissioning, LEED Services, and Energy Conservation Audits and Studies.

Who is Dave Schlant and M/E Engineering?

Dave Schlant joined M/E Engineering, P.C. in 1999 as a Senior Engineer with 11 years’ experience in the consulting engineering community in Buffalo, NY. He was named Plumbing/Fire Protection Group Manager in 2002 and became a shareholder in 2011.

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