What is chenda called in English?

What is chenda called in English?

The Chanda (Malayalam: ചെണ്ട, [tʃeɳʈa]) is a cylindrical percussion instrument used widely in the state of Kerala, Tulu Nadu of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in India. In Tulu Nadu (Coastal Karnataka), it is known as chende.

What are Kerala drums called?

The Chenda is a cylindrical percussion instrument used widely in the state of Kerala, and Tulu Nadu of Karnataka State in India. In Tulu Nadu it is known as chande. It has a length of two feet and a diameter of one foot.

What is the sound of chenda?

The “tha”, “dhim”, “thom” and “ntha” sounds of Mridangam and Madhalam can be produced on chenda with a slight difference. The sounds “dhim”, “tham”, are made by playing with the palm, “na” by striking the stick on the head edge and “dhim” by striking on the middle. January 2022.

What is the weight of Chenda?

General Chenda Large (Brown)

Product Width 14 cm
Product Height 21 cm
Product Weight 0.75 kg

How much does a chenda weigh?

Wooden Chenda, Weight: 15 Kg, Size: 8.45.

How many types of chenda melam are there?

A Chenda melam is an integral part of all festivals in Kerela. There are 7 types of “melangal” viz Panchari melam, Champa, Chempada, Adantha, Anchadatha, Druvam and Pandy melam.

What is the main vibrating part of chenda?

Answer: The vibrating part of the- flute is the air column which is vibrating and comes from within the instrument. veena is usually the strings, but they do it by means of the saddle and the bridge.

What is Chenda made of?

Chenda is a percussion instrument made of wood, parchment and leather. A temple instrument found in Kerala. It is an essential accompaniment for the Kathakali dance of Kerala, also used during temple rituals etc.

What is Chenda?

Chenda is a cylindrical wooden drum which is two feet in length and about a foot in diameter. Both sides of the chenda is covered with skin. Although the chenda has two faces, only one surface of it is beaten.

What are the different types of chenda drums?

There are many varieties of this drum like uruttu chenda (for playing variations), the veekku chenda (one which beats the basic rhythm), acchan chenda and so on. Interested in this product? Get Latest Price from the seller

What is Chenda instrument in Kerala?

There is a variant of this instrument used in northern school of Yakshagana called Chande. It is traditionally considered to be an Asura Vadyam ((demonic instrument)) which means it cannot go in harmony. Chenda is an inevitable musical instrument in all form of cultural activities in Kerala.

How does the drummer strike the chenda from his neck?

The drummer suspends the chenda from his neck such that it hangs more or less vertically and with two sticks held in both the hands, he strikes the upper Fill the quantity to get latest price!

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