What is coix seed extract?

What is coix seed extract?

Coix seed extract, a commonly used treatment for cancer in China, inhibits NFkappaB and protein kinase C signaling. Cancer Biol Ther.

What is coix seed used for?

Coix Seed is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that is used to drain dampness, support healthy digestion, clears heat, and provides botanical support for fluid balance. Coix Seed supports muscle and skeletal health, benefits the urinary system and promotes healthy digestion.

What is coix seed in Chinese?

Herb name (Chinese): 薏苡仁 Herb name (Pin Yin): yì yǐ rén.

What is coix seed oil?

Coix Seed Oil (CSO) possesses a wide range of pharmacological activities. Kanglaite Injection, a commercial product of CSO, has been used clinically as an anticancer drug in China for decades. However, its molecular mechanisms on triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) remains to be elucidated.

What is Yi Yi Ren?

Yi yi ren, also known as coix seeds or Job’s tears, comes from Fujian, Hebei and Liaoning provinces in China. It usually has an oval shape and a white surface. In traditional Chinese medicine, the seeds treat conditions that relate to the spleen, stomach, lungs, skin, liver and large intestine.

What is coix powder?

Coix seed powder to nourish the body. A high-concentrate powder made from the extract of whole coix seeds, including husk, pellicle (thin skin) and astringent skin, and other natural ingredients such as purple tea, black rice, tremella fuciformis, ginger koji and houttuynia cordata.

How do you eat coix seeds?

Then boil with the same water for an hour (seed:water is about 1:20 but half it to 1:10 for soaking). While drinking the Job’s Tears Water, try also swallow the boiled seeds before strain it away as most people do. It is somewhat like eating cooked rice with a firmer core.

What is Croix seed?

Job’s tears—also known as coix seed, Chinese pearl barley, or hato mugi in Japanese —are named for the way they look while still in the husk: like fat, shining brown or grey teardrops.

Why is it called Job’s tears?

Job’s tears, (Coix lacryma-jobi), cereal grass of the family Poaceae, native to tropical Asia. Job’s tears receives its name from the hard shiny tear-shaped structures that enclose the seed kernels; those beadlike pseudocarps are sometimes used for jewelry and rosaries.

Is Job’s Tears same as barley?

Job’s Tears look and behave very similarly to pearl barley although it’s a completely different plant. However, Job’s Tears have less fibre but more protein and iron. More importantly for celiacs, unlike pearl barley, Job’s Tears is gluten-free.

What are the benefits of eating barley?

9 Impressive Health Benefits of Barley

  • Rich in Many Beneficial Nutrients.
  • Reduces Hunger and May Help You Lose Weight.
  • Insoluble and Soluble Fiber Content Improves Digestion.
  • May Prevent Gallstones and Reduce Your Risk of Gallbladder Surgery.
  • Beta-Glucans May Help Lower Cholesterol.
  • May Reduce Heart Disease Risk.

What is Coix Coix seed?

Coix Seed (Job’ s tears, Coix lacryma-jobi) ,also known as rice kernels is a kind of starch and can be used for food or wine is grains, with the high fat and protein content. It is easy for metabolism, so eat more also won’t change the concerns of the fat.

What are the benefits of Coix lacryma jobi seed extract?

Coix seed extract has the effect of whitening skin, it can keep the human body skin gloss and exquisite, eliminate acne, senile plaque, freckles and improve the rough skin. 2. Semen coicis extract can lower blood sugar, blood pressure and blood calcium. 3. Coix Lacryma-Jobi seed extract can inhibit trypsin role, induce ovulation, antitumor.

What are the benefits of coatedcoix seed extract?

Coix seed extract can make the skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, eliminate the effect of pigment spots, also can promote the metabolism of blood and water, have the effect of the diuresis and water, it is also used for weight loss and skin whitening. 1.

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