What is data dictionary in Teradata?

What is data dictionary in Teradata?

The Teradata Database Data Dictionary is composed of tables and views that reside in the system user named DBC. The tables are reserved for use by the system and contain metadata about the objects in the system, privileges, system events, and system usage. The views provide access to the information in the tables.

What is a table data dictionary?

Data dictionary is a table with data elements (columns) as rows and their attributes as columns. Specific attributes vary depending on the purpose of the data dictionary.

How do I list all tables in Teradata?

Query to list all the dbc tables in Teradata. SELECT DatabaseName, TableName, CreateTimeStamp, LastAlterTimeStamp FROM DBC.

What are DBC tables in Teradata?

Teradata data dictionary tables are metadata tables present in the DBC database. It can be used for variety of things such as checking table size, query bottleneck and database size etc. Dbc. Columns : Column informatiom of tables, views, join index & hash index etc.

Can we collect stats on volatile table in Teradata?

More Facts about Teradata Volatile Table. You can run collect statistics on a volatile table. CHECK constraints, DEFAULT values are not allowed in the volatile table. No referential integrity can be defined.

What is the difference between data dictionary and data table?

Data dictionary tables are low-level and cryptic (mostly). Data dictionary views are more friendly and easily interpreted. Also, for the sake of completeness, there are also “fixed data dictionary tables”, which is beyond the scope of your question.

How many types of tables are there in data dictionary?

Ans :- 4 types of tables i)Transparent tables – Exists with the same structure both in dictionary as well as in database exactly with the same data and fields. Both Opensql and Nativesql can be used. ii)Pool tables & iii)Cluster tables – These are logical tables that are arranged as records of transparent tables.

How do you view table definition in Teradata?

You can use SHOW TABLE to display the table definition for a PTI table. The output includes the system generated TD_TIMEBUCKET, TD_TIMECODE, and TD_SEQNO columns for PTI Tables. For complete information about SHOW TABLE syntax, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ SQL Data Definition Language Syntax and Examples , B035-1144.

How can I check table size in Teradata?

Check table size across all AMPs in Teradata


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