What is dbprotect?

What is dbprotect?

DbProtect is a data security platform for data stores, including relational databases and Big Data. Supported databases include on-premise and cloud services. DbProtect uncovers conditions that could lead to escalation of privileges attacks, data leakage, denial-of-service (DoS), or unauthorized modification of data.

How are users imported to dbprotect?

DbProtect Users are imported from Microsoft Active Direc tory or from the local server where the DbProtect Console is installed. A user logs on to DbProtect with their Windows credentials. All functions of DbProtect are restricted by role-based access.

How do I install the components of dbprotect?

The core of the DbProtect system is the data warehouse, data processing server, and web user interface server. You install these components using the main installation package. For details, see the DbProtect Installation Guide. 2.1.2 Installing Sensors and Scan Engines

What is the assets section of the dbprotect console?

The Assets section of the DbProtect Console allows you to create, view, and manage assets in the DbProtect repository. Assets include scannable database instances, redirectors, and DbProtect Sensors. You can add database instance entries manually, import entries form a file, and edit existing entries.

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