What is galangal?

What is galangal?

“Galangal” refers to any one of four plant species in the Zingiberaceae family: Alpinia galanga (greater galangal), Alpinia officinarum (lesser galangal), Kaempferia galanga (kencur, black galangal or sand ginger) or Boesenbergia rotunda (Chinese ginger or fingerroot). Most scientific research focuses on either the greater or lesser plant species.

What is galangal spice and what does it taste like?

The word galangal refers to the root of several plants of the Zingiberaceae family. Lesser galangal, or Alpinia officinarum, is most commonly used. ). This spice is also used to improve certain ailments, as it’s believed to help treat infections, reduce inflammation, boost male fertility, and even fight different types of cancer.

What is the difference between Lesser and greater galangal?

Lesser galangal originated in China and has a more peppery bite and tartness than the other rhizomes. Greater galangal is a taller plant and grows in Indonesia, specifically the island of Java, and has a more mild flavor. Light galangal comes from the Eastern Archipelago in southeast India, and this type is closest to true ginger in flavor.

Does galangal kill cancer cells?

Let’s review the types of cancer affected by galangal, one by one. A 2014 study in Iran found that a liquid extract of galangal significantly destroyed the number of gastric cancer cells in a lab test after 48 hours, calling it a “prominent” result.

What type of soil do galangal plants like?

Galangal prefers soils that are rich in organic matter such as sandy loam. This type of soil provides the thick roots with space to grow while allowing water to properly drain so that the roots are not left sitting in standing water which promotes root rot.

Where can I buy galangal spice?

Adding a bit of lemon juice to the ginger is also helpful when wanting to recreate the citrus nuances of galangal. The best place to buy galangal is from an Asian market, especially if it leans toward Southeast Asian ingredients. It’s not a common component in American cooking and often gets overlooked in the spice aisle of major grocery stores.

How do you harvest galangal?

To harvest galangal, you will want to use a pitchfork instead of a shovel to avoid damaging the roots. Start by loosening the soil around the root ball, and then position the fork beneath the root ball and lift. Doing this will remove the entire plant.

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