What is George Rapp known for?

What is George Rapp known for?

George Rapp, original name Johann Georg Rapp, (born Nov. 1, 1757, Iptingen, Württemberg [Germany]—died Aug. 7, 1847, Economy, Pa., U.S.), German-born American ascetic who founded the Rappites (Harmonists), a Pietist sect that formed communes in the United States.

What did George Rapp believe?

Religious views Rapp and his followers, the Harmonites, believed Christ would return in their lifetime. The purpose of the community was to be worthy of Christ and prepare for his return.

Why did Johann Georg Rapp and Robert Owen establish their own communities?

Owen and Maclure hoped to establish a new utopian community through free education and the abolition of social classes and personal wealth. William Maclure, a well-respected geologist, attracted many important scholars to New Harmony, including naturalists, geologists, educators, and early feminists.

Who was the main leader of the Harmony colonies?

The Community: At Harmony, George Rapp, also known as Father Rapp, was recognized as the spiritual head of the Society, the one that they went to for discussions, confessions, and other matters. Rapp’s adopted son, Frederick, managed the Society’s business and commercial affairs.

Why did the Harmony Society move from Pennsylvania to Indiana?

Once land had been located that offered a better climate and room to expand, the group began plans to move. In 1814 the Harmonites sold their first settlement to Abraham Ziegler, a Mennonite, for $100,000 and moved west to make a new life for themselves in the Indiana Territory.

How long did new harmony last?

A New Type of Community Between 1814 and 1824, the Harmonists constructed more than 180 log, frame and brick structures. The community was entirely self-sufficient and produced a wide variety of goods that were traded as far away as New Orleans, Pittsburgh and even overseas.

What is a harmonist in religion?

The Harmonists developed a simple, pietistic lifestyle based upon the early Christian Church. They turned over everything they owned to the Harmony Society when they became members. Everyone worked together for the good of the Society and received, in turn, what he or she needed to live simply and comfortably.

Why were the Rappite communities created?

Rappite, a member of a religious communal group founded in the United States in the early 19th century by about 600 German Pietists under the leadership of George Rapp, a farmer and vine grower. Protesting the growing rationalism of Lutheranism, the group decided to leave Germany for America.

What was George Rapp work or idea?

An edition in German and English. Johann Georg Rapp (1757–1847), also known as George Rapp, was the founder of the religious sect called Harmonists, Harmonites, Rappites, or the Harmony Society. The Harmony Society was a Christian theosophy and pietist society founded in Iptingen, Germany, in 1785.

Who founded New Harmony?

Robert Owen
Robert Owen purchased the town of Harmony, which later became known as New Harmony, in 1825. Owen purchased the 20,000 acres from George Rapp with plans to establish a model community where education and social equality would flourish, but Owen’s “Community of Equality” dissolved by 1827.

Who founded Harmony PA?

Harmony was founded in 1804 by the Harmony Society of German Lutheran Separatists who were seeking religious freedom. They quickly became 19th century America’s most successful communal group.

What is harmony PA called now?

Harmony Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
State Pennsylvania
County Susquehanna
Settled 1789
Incorporated 1809

Who was Johann Georg Rapp?

Johann Georg Rapp was born on November 1, 1757, to Rosine Berger and Hans Adam Rapp (1720–71) in the village of Iptingen, 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Stuttgart in the Duchy of Württemberg. Rapp was the second child an oldest son of the family.

How old was George Rapp when he died?

George Rapp lived out his remaining days in the town of Economy, Pennsylvania, until August 7, 1847, when he died at the age of 89.

What happened to George Rapp and his followers?

In the 1780s, George Rapp began preaching and soon started to gather a group of his own followers. His group officially split with the Lutheran Church in 1785 and was promptly banned from meeting. The persecution that Rapp and his followers experienced caused them to leave Germany and come to the United States in 1803.

Who was George Rapp and the Harmony Society?

George Rapp and the Harmony Society. In 1814, the society sold their first town in Pennsylvania to Mennonites for 10 times the amount originally paid for the land, and the entire commune moved out west to Indiana where their new town was also known as Harmony. Ten years after the move to Indiana the commune moved again,…

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