What is IBM CP/67?

What is IBM CP/67?

CP/67 was developed outside the IBM mainstream at IBM’s Cambridge Scientific Center, in cooperation with MIT researchers. CP/CMS eventually won wide acceptance, and led to the development of VM/370 (Virtual Machine) which had a primary interactive “sub” operating system known as VM/CMS (Conversational Monitoring System).

What are the limitations of CURB-65?

It uses low systolic BP (S) and poor oxygenation (PaO2: FIO2) (O), advancing age (A), high respiratory rate (R). CURB-65 does not assign points for co-morbid illness and nursing home residence, as the original study did account for many of these conditions. CURB-65 may not identify patients requiring ICU admission as well as the PSI.

What is the difference between CURB-65 and Psi?

It can facilitate better utilization of resources and treatment initiation. In comparison to the PSI, CURB-65 offers equal sensitivity of mortality prediction due to community acquired pneumonia. Notably, CURB-65 (74.6%) has a higher specificity than PSI (52.2%).

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