What is IBM FlashSystem 5100?

What is IBM FlashSystem 5100?

IBM FlashSystem 5100 combines NVMe-powered IBM FlashCore technology with a rich set of IBM Spectrum Virtualize features, including external virtualization and two-way clustering.

How many drives can a FlashSystem 5100 system scale to?

FlashSystem 5100 systems scale up to 760 drives with the attachment of FlashSystem 5100 expansions. FlashSystem 5100 systems can be clustered to help deliver greater performance, bandwidth, and scalability.

How many canisters are in a 5100 SFF control enclosure?

FlashSystem 5100 small form factor (SFF) control enclosure models 4H4 and UHB feature: Two node canisters, each with an 8-core processor and integrated hardware-assisted compression acceleration 64 GB cache (32 GB per canister) standard with options from 192 GB to 576 GB (per system)

What version of Spectrum Virtualize is required to run FlashSystem 5100?

All FlashSystem 5100 functional capabilities are provided through IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software. FlashSystem 5100, formerly Storwize V5100, requires IBM Spectrum Virtualize licensed machine code level 8.2.1, or later.

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