What is Inara?

What is Inara?

Inara, in Hittite–Hurrian mythology, was the goddess of the wild animals of the steppe and daughter of the Storm-god Teshub/Tarhunt. She corresponds to the “potnia theron” of Greek mythology, better known as Artemis.

What happens to Inara?

The two still constantly bicker and Inara is forced to stay aboard the ship after losing her companion license. House Madrassa let Inara keep her companion status due to her previous high standing, but she was still forced to leave their organisation.

Who played Inara Firefly?

Morena BaccarinFirefly
Inara Serra/Played by

Does Inara have an app?

Applications/tools using Inara API. EDDI is a companion application for Elite: Dangerous, providing responses to events that occur in-game using data from the game as well as various third-party tools.

Who was the captain of Serenity?

Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Firefly franchise. Mal is played by actor Nathan Fillion in the 2002 TV series Firefly and the 2005 film Serenity. In the series, Mal is a former Browncoat sergeant and the captain of the “Firefly-class” spaceship Serenity.

What did Baccarin play?

Morena Silva de Vaz Setta Baccarin (Portuguese: [mo’ɾenɐ baka’ɾĩ]; born June 2, 1979) is a Brazilian-American actress known for portraying Inara Serra in the sci-fi series Firefly and its follow-up film, Vanessa in the superhero comedy franchise Deadpool, Jessica Brody in the Showtime series Homeland and Dr. Leslie ” …

What is Inara the goddess of?

Inara is the goddess of wild animals of the steppe in Hittite–Hurrian mythology. Inara is portrayed by actress Morena Baccarin in the television series Firefly and in the motion picture Serenity . Actress Rebecca Gayheart was initially hired to play the part of Inara but was fired after only one day of filming.

Who is Inara in Paladins?

Inara is a Front Line Champion in Paladins, added on March 9th, 2017. One of the few remaining stagalla, Inara was reluctant to join the Resistance in their time of need, but she was oath-bound to do so.

Why did Inara join the resistance?

One of the few remaining stagalla, Inara was reluctant to join the Resistance in their time of need, but she was oath-bound to do so. Originally created to help the ancient order of the Paladins repel the first goblin scourge, the stone people slumbered for generations before being summoned to battle once again.

What did Inara and Hupasiyas do?

Inara, with the aid of her human lover Hupasiyas, laid on a dragon’s feast. There was booze by the barrel-load and calories by the cartload. The dragons came early, ate everything in sight and drank themselves into a stupor. Then Hupasiyas roped them down and they were dispatched.


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