What is Internet2?

What is Internet2?

Internet2 is a community providing cloud solutions, research support, and services tailored for Research and Education. Our trusted, secure network empowers higher education, research institutions, government entities and cultural organizations.

What is Internet2 quizlet?

Internet2. A not-for-profit research and development project that connects over 200 universities and 115 companies via a high-speed private network.

What are the main features of Internet2?

The Internet2 community develops and deploys network technologies for the future of the Internet. These technologies include large-scale network performance measurement and management tools, secure identity and access management tools and capabilities such as scheduling high-bandwidth, high-performance circuits.

What is the goal of Internet2?

The Internet2 Project mission is to “facilitate and coordinate the development, deployment, operation, and technology transfer of advanced, network-based applications and network services to further U.S. leadership in research and higher education and accelerate the availability of new services and applications on the …

What is the difference between internet and Internet2?

Internet2 moves data at 10 gigabits per second and more, compared with the 4 or so megabits you’ll get using a cable modem. As a result, Internet2 moves data 100 to 1,000 times faster than the old-fashioned Internet.

Which of the following is application software that allows users?

Chapter 2 Key Vocabulary Terms

Web browser Application software that allows users to access and view Web pages.
Web page Electronic document on the Web, which can contain text, graphics, audio, and video and often has built-in connections to other documents.
Web publishing development and maintenance of Web pages.

What is the goal of Internet2 quizlet?

The goal of Internet2 is to develop and test advanced network technologies that will benefit Internet users in the future.

What is the difference between Internet and Internet2?

What is the benefits of Internet2 technology?

Benefits of Internet2 use today include: Ability to move large amounts of research data in reasonable and predictable amounts of time. Real-time control of remote scientific instruments. Operation of remote computer clusters as a grid, such that they appear to be a single device to users.

What is Internet2 I2?

Internet2 (I2) is a collaborative effort to develop advanced Internet technology and applications vital to the research and education missions of higher education. Over 150 U.S. universities, working together with partners in industry and government, are leading the Internet2 project.

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