What is Jaco Jacobs known for?

What is Jaco Jacobs known for?

Jaco Jacobs is the most popular and prolific children’s book author in Afrikaans. He has published more than 140 books and over a million copies have been sold. Jaco is also a well-known columnist, blogger, freelance journalist and translator. He lives in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

What is Jaco Jacobs Favourite book?

Nevermind a bookworm, I was a book-T-Rex who devoured more or less any book I could lay my claws on. But if I had to choose just one book, it would probably be Pippi Longstocking.

Where does Jaco Jacobs come from in Afrikaans?

And Jaco is also the author of Afrikaans. He was born in the South African town of Carnarvon, Northern Cape….Jaco Jacobs Wiki/Bio (Age, Personal Life, Profile)

Real Name Jaco Jacobs
Birth Place Carnarvon, Northern Cape, South Africa
Zodiac sign Pisces
Nationality South African

What did Jaco Jacobs study?

Biography. I gained an honours degree in Engineering Sciences from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

What are Jaco Jacobs achievements?

Among others, he received the following awards: the Hennie van Deventer trophy for outstanding journalism; 26 ATKV children’s book awards; the Alba Bouwer Prize; the CP Hoogenhout Medal; the Maskew Miller Longman Prize; the Kyknet/ Rapport Book Prize; the SATI prize for translation; the Tienie Holloway Medal; the SALA …

Where does Jaco Jacobs come from?

Carnarvon, South Africa
Jaco Jacobs/Place of birth

How old is Jaco Jacobs?

41 years (February 22, 1980)
Jaco Jacobs/Age

What does Jaco Jacobs say about his writing?

I believe every writer should start out as a reader. And also, very importantly: have fun. Writing is hard work, but it should always be fun. You can find out more about Jaco Jacobs at his website.

What is Jacobs current occupation?

He has published more than 170 books and more than a million copies of his books have been sold. Jaco is also a well-known columnist, freelance journalist and translator.

What schools did Jaco Jacobs go to?

University of the Free State2001
Jaco Jacobs/Education

Where did Jaco Jacobs study?

How many daughters does Jaco Jacobs have?

Jaco lives in Bloemfontein, South Africa, with his wife Elize, daughters Mia and Emma, three dogs, a cat and a pet python.

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