What is Kone 24/7 planner?

What is Kone 24/7 planner?

For facility managers and building owners tasked with managing their elevator and escalator infrastructures, KONE 24/7 Planner offers a powerful asset management tool that opens the way to better planning, cost control, and long-term visibility in budgeting.

Why choose KONE elevator solutions?

Solutions that improve the flow of urban life don’t just have to function flawlessly – they have to look fantastic too. Niklas Löfberg helps to make sure that KONE solutions deliver on both fronts. Action movies often use elevators for dramatic effect, perpetuating myths that can trigger anxiety for some elevator passengers.

What is Kone’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy?

When KONE revamped its Diversity & Inclusion strategy, the company drew upon years of experience, data, and learnings from partners to design a systematic approach that all employees could embrace. When D&I rises up the company agenda, everyone wins.

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