What is Liebherr biggest crane?

What is Liebherr biggest crane?

LTM 11200-9.1
LTM 11200-9.1 – The largest Liebherr mobile crane. The 9-axle crane has a nominal lifting capacity of 1500 USt / 1200 t – the most of any Liebherr crane.

Who makes the best cranes in the world?

Top ten crane manufacturers 2019

  • Tadano.
  • Zoomlion.
  • Manitowoc Cranes.
  • ZPMC.
  • Xuzhou heavy machinery (XCMG)
  • Cargotec.
  • Konecranes, including MHPS from Terex.
  • 1.Liebherr.

How much can the strongest crane lift?

The Liebherr LR 13000 is known as the most powerful crane in the world, with a maximum lifting capacity of 3000 t.

What is the biggest crane company in the world?

World’s largest crane companies 2019

  1. Mammoet. Maintaining its 100% winning record, Mammoet’s heavy lift and transport services have enabled it to become the biggest crane company in the world.
  2. Sarens.
  3. ALE.
  4. Maxim Crane Works.
  5. Lampson International.
  6. Sanghvi Movers.
  7. Bigge Crane and Rigging.
  8. Buckner Heavy Lift Cranes.

Why buy used mobile cranes from Liebherr?

Used mobile cranes are an inexpensive alternative to new cranes. As manufacturer Liebherr is a competent partner for the purchase of used cranes. Liebherr offers a comprehensive advisory service, the repair of used cranes and a worldwide delivery service.

Why choose the new 450-tonne Liebherr Crane?

The new 450-tonne crane is not only very user-friendly for crane operators, moving around the machine is also safe and very straightforward due to its platforms, steps and railings. The thing is really good. We have had a very good working relationship with Liebherr for 30 years. We can always rely on the service provided by Liebherr.

What are LTM mobile cranes?

LTM mobile cranes: All-terrain cranes which set standards. LTM mobile cranes are ideal for travelling on public roads and for off-road use due to their all-terrain chassis. They feature safety, economy and comfort. The powerful, long telescopic booms can reach great working heights quickly and easily.

Why choose Liebherr?

The heart of the system is the LICCON (Liebherr Computed Control) computer system. This forward-thinking control architecture enables it to adapt to the continually growing needs of the market. Liebherr specialists continuously work on developing the system. We can supply a telescoping crane cabin for selected models in the LTM series.

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