What is mailmailplane?

What is mailmailplane?

Mailplane is a native OS X application and integrates naturally into OS X. Apple Mail like keyboard shortcuts, acting as default Mail Client, Mail PDF from Print Dialog, OS X Services, and much more. Enable great Gmail plugins on an account basis with a single click.

What can I do with mailplane?

Manage all your Gmail, Calendar and Contacts accounts in Mailplane instead of cluttering up your browser window. All-in-one app with Apple-like keyboard shortcuts.

What do you think of the Mailplane app?

Mailplane is a solid app if you prefer an interface that looks like the regular ol’ Gmail. Stay in touch! We recommend our newsletter for periodic updates about Mailplane. No Spam.

What is emailmailplane’s notifier?

Mailplane’s notifier lets you know how many unread messages are in your inboxes, right from your Mac’s menu bar. It also notifies you when new emails arrive.

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