What is Medi-Cal aid code 8C?

What is Medi-Cal aid code 8C?

When an MNO individual is eligible for the SLMB program and the aid code 8C is reported to the Medi-Cal Eligibility Data System, the State gains FFP for his or her SLMB enrollment.

What is a Medi-Cal aid code?

Aid codes are a combination of the medical program, medical program subtype, individual medical subtype and SOBRA/Inmate indicators. Aid Codes are made up of 7 characters. For example, an aid code of CTM/PW/N/N would indicate Caretaker Medical by looking at the first 3 letters (CTM) of the Aid Code. …

What is Medi-Cal Aid Code 6H?

Aid Code: 6H, DISABLED • Definition: Disabled persons who, due to their income levels, would normally be included in the Medi-Cal Share of Cost population (Aid Code 17). Under this new program, those recipients with a Share of Cost of $1 to $326 will be given full scope, no Share of Cost Medi-Cal. 1.

What is Aid Code 4M?

Covers foster children placed in California from another state. Provides eligibility for CEC if for some reason the child is no longer eligible under foster care prior to his/her eighteenth birthday. Also provides eligibility for the Former Foster Care Children (FFCC) program (aid code 4M) at age 18.

What is aid code K1?

Aid Code K1 – Unaided Single-Parent Safety Net, Fleeing Felon, Long-Term Sanction Child- Only Cases (only one parent/caretaker in the home)

What aid code is L6?

Disabled or blind individuals in the MAGI New Adult group with incomes at or below 128 and without Medicare benefit are considered “not newly eligible” and assigned under aid code L6 (full scope) or L7 (restricted scope).

What is Medi-Cal aid code 7D?

This coverage group is allowed two (2) periods of PE in a twelve-month period and will be assigned aid code 7D. This expansion will be in effect through the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency. DHCS is also expanding presumptive eligibility periods through HPE for adults that are age 19 years and over.

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