What is next education system?

What is next education system?

Next Education is a SaaS-based end-to-end education solutions provider for the K–12 sector. To meet all the academic needs of a learner and make quality education affordable and accessible for every child, we have created technology-driven, user-friendly and learner-centric products as a part of our academic offerings.

How do I activate my next curriculum app?

  1. Step1. Login using your google account or your mobile number or email.
  2. Step2. Enter the OTP sent on your mentioned mobile/email.
  3. Step3. Use the key mentioned on the last page of the mentor manual to activate its digital version.
  4. Step4.

Is next learning a platform?

Next Learning Platform facilitates consistent course content in school (through TeachNext) and at home (through LMS) and allows students to refer to the same content both at school and at home. This ensures a cohesive teaching-learning experience.

How do I join a lecture on next learning platform?

How to attend a live lecture on a computer?

  1. Login to the Next learning Platform using the Username and Password.
  2. If any live lecture is being held for their class at that time, a JOIN NOW button can be seen on top of the screen.
  3. Click JOIN NOW.

Who invented next learning platform?

Next Education is one of the startup company that pioneered ed-tech sector way back in 2007, founded by Beas Dev Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath. It is a K-12-focused technology-based education solution provider.

How do I join a lecture in next learning platform?

How do I use NLP on my laptop?

Activation (First Login) on NLP mobile app To activate your account, enter the school code, username (phone number or email ID) and OTP as received in the SMS sent by the school. Now enter the OTP sent to that number. Once this step is completed, you’d be prompted to set your password.

What is next education?

Founded in 2007, Next Education is a fast-growing, SaaS-based technology-driven company revolutionising the education system in India.

What is the next learning platform?

In line with our mission to be the leading edtech SaaS platform delivering personalised 21st-century learning, we have developed a world-class integrated SaaS platform, Next Learning Platform. This platform facilitates effective and transparent management of all academic and administrative operations of a school.

Should I use TeachNext or next education?

On top of that, Next Education is always available for any help or service. We highly recommend TeachNext to other schools as well. TeachNext installed in 60 Classrooms, along with EnglishLab Using since 2013

What is your review of nextnextbooks?

NextBooks has lots of activities and learning. I personally found the books good and one step ahead of the others I come across. We chose to use NextBooks published by Next Education for our KG and primary classes. Activity-based knowledge transfer emphasized in these books really made the learning very easy for our students.

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