What is Nike iPod sensor used for?

What is Nike iPod sensor used for?

The Nike+ iPod Sensor from Apple is designed to be used with a pair of Nike+ shoes to track your workouts using an iPod touch (2nd generation or later) or iPhone (3GS or later). For use with an iPod nano, you’ll also need the wireless receiver included in the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit.

How do I activate my nike iPod 4 sensor?

Step 1: Enable Nike + iPod on your device. m iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch: Choose Settings > Nike + iPod and set it to On.

How does Nike+ work?

Nike Plus, commonly displayed as Nike+, is a software program that works by tracking the performance of runners through a wireless connection. The system also uses the Nike+ website to store each user’s personal information and running history and serve as a social media hub for runners.

When did Nike Launch Nike+?

July 13, 2006

Manufacturer Nike, Inc.
Type iPod device
Release date July 13, 2006
Connectivity Piezoelectric sensor, receiver
Website nike.com/nike-app

Do Nike shoes have sensors?

On September 7, 2010, Nike released the Nike+ Running App (originally called Nike+ GPS) on the App Store, which used a tracking engine powered by MotionX that does not require the separate shoe sensor or pedometer….Nike+

Manufacturer Nike, Inc.
Connectivity Piezoelectric sensor, receiver
Website nike.com/nike-app

Is Apple partnered with Nike?

For a partnership that started in may 2006, this has grown to become one of the best brand partnerships in terms of value. Both Apple and Nike strategically bought into their respective markets. Co-Branding as it is called. This two great brands have harnessed the benefits of co-branding better than other brands.

Is Nike+ free?

NikePlus membership is free on the web and the Nike, Nike SNKRS, Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club apps for iPhone. NikePlus doesn’t use a points system to urge shoppers to spend more. The program rewards users based on their interaction with the app and making certain purchases.

How do you pair Nike Plus shoes?

Tap your profile image at the top of the screen. Tap “My Shoes,” then tap “+” or “Get Started” to add a shoe. Search for your shoes by name or select the brand to browse for shoes, and select your pair.

Why is Nike corporate with Apple?

This ‘Nike+ iPod’ business alliance aimed to launch innovative products under the slogan “Tune your run”. Steve Jobs stated that Apple had decided to work with Nike “in order to elevate together music and sport to a new level of performance”.

What is the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit?

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is a set of fitness accessories for early iPod nano models that was introduced by Nike and Apple Computer in 2006. It included a wireless receiver that attached to the 30-pin dock connector, along with a motion sensor that could be placed inside the sole of a Nike+ shoe to count the user’s steps.

What does the sensor measure in the Nike+ app?

The sensor measures your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned. This information is transmitted wirelessly to your Nike+ tracking device for real-time feedback while you train.

Do I need a second sensor for Nike+ ready shoes?

The sensor is sold individually, so it’s ideal if you’re due for a replacement, want another one for a second pair of Nike+ ready shoes or need one to hook up to your Apple device.

Does the Nike pulsar fit work with Nike shoes?

It does not work. I purchased it to use with one of the Nike shoes that has the space in the sole for the tracker that you use in conjunction with an iPhone to track your speed and distance on a run.


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