What is opaque view in Obiee 11g?

What is opaque view in Obiee 11g?

An opaque view is in the physical layer a physical table that consists of a Select statement . In the repository, opaque views appear as tables in the physical layer but the view does not actually exist.

How do I create a narrative view in Obiee 11g?

In the compound layout, click on add view and select Narrative as shown below. Prefix: specify the header note for the view. Narrative: Use the format @n to reference a column, where n represents its position of the column in the query criteria.

What is interactive dashboard in Obiee?

OBIEE dashboard is a tool that enables end users to run ad-hoc reports and analysis as per business requirement model. Interactive dashboards are pixel perfect reports which can be directly viewed or printed by end users. OBIEE dashboard is part of Oracle BI Presentation layer services.

What is a opaque view?

An opaque view is a physical layer table that consists of a Select statement. When you need a new table, you should create a physical table or a materialized view. An opaque view should be used only if there is no other solution.

How do I run reports in Obiee?

1 Report “Open” Link: Select the analysis prompt values and click “OK” to run the report. Some reports have “inline prompts” (similar to dashboard prompts) that allow you to customize which report data is returned. These prompts must be selected before the report will run.

What is opaque in IOS?

opaque means don’t draw anything underneath, even if you are transparent. The background color’s alpha only affects the background color’s transparency, not anything else drawn on the view.

What is Obiee reporting?

OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is a BI tool by Oracle Corporation to gather, store, and analyse the data for enterprise reports, dashboards, scorecards and ad hoc analysis.

How we can extract SQL from Obiee for reports?

Modify the request and click Advanced in that you get xml code and also the actual SQL. In the catalog Manager click Tools –>Create Report . In the Create Report Window –> Click Request SQL and save the SQL to the physical path in your PC.

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What are the main features of obiee?

There are following main features of OBIEE : 3.Graphical Reporting (Charts, Pivots, Gauges, ) 5.Global support and development capability 5.Explain End to End Lifecycle of OBIEE? ( 100% asked OBIEE interview questions and answers )

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What are the different types of variables in obiee 11g?

There are two types of variables in OBIEE 11g. Repository variable : This variable is used for the whole repository. Session variable : session variable are of two types: system variable and non system variable. System variable uses NQ_SESSION.

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