What is peramakan?

What is peramakan?

PeraMakan was founded in October 2004 by a fourth generation Nyonya lady with a passion for promoting and preserving the Peranakan culinary heritage. PeraMakan was founded on the premise that Nyonya food originates from the home and therefore the food should be prepared and cooked with love.

What is Tingkat peramakan?

Today, PeraMakan operates a flagship restaurant at Keppel Club and have been at Keppel Club since April 2007. To bring the Peranakan culture and the food closer to the masses, we created “Tingkat PeraMakan” aimed at serving restaurant quality food at affordable prices and in a casual, no-frills setting.

Why peramakan @ Keppel club?

We host dining events both large and small at our flagship Restaurant Peramakan @ Keppel Club for: With its roots dating back to the 15 th century, the Peranakan culture has long been a source of inspiration and influence in South-east Asia and is today, one of the most celebrated cuisine in this part of the world.

What is Peranakan cuisine?

The Peranakan cuisine is a heritage cuisine and is a cuisine that originates from the home. Most of the time, recipes are passed down… More Food and served good. Didn’t overcharge despite CNY.

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