What is production logging tool?

What is production logging tool?

Production logs are used to evaluate fluid production and movement both inside and outside of the casing downhole. The production logging tools are small in diameter and are run through tubing for evaluation of the well as it is producing.

What is production log in oil and gas?

Production logs are used to allocate production on a zone by zone basis and also to diagnose production problems such as leaks or cross flow. These various tasks can be split between those where the target production is into or out of the well and those where the flow never enters the well, typically flow behind pipe.

What is a production log in media?

Production Log- log the details of what you and members of your team have done on each date.

What is well logging techniques?

Well Log Techniques: “Well logging, also known as wireline logging, is a method of data collection in the borehole environment which enables the determination of subsurface physical properties and reservoir parameters.

What are production reports and logs?

A production report (“PR”) is a filmmaking term for the form filled out each day of production of a movie or television show to summarize what occurred that day. The purpose of this form is to keep track of a production’s progress and expenses and to help determine what salary is owed to the cast and crew.

What is logging in borehole drilling?

Well logging, also known as borehole logging is the practice of making a detailed record (a well log) of the geologic formations penetrated by a borehole. Some types of geophysical well logs can be done during any phase of a well’s history: drilling, completing, producing, or abandoning.

What are the components of a production logging tool?

This production logging toolstring consists of a fullbore spinner, fluid holdup and bubble count probes, a pipe diameter caliper and centralizer, a relative bearing sensor, pressure gauges, a temperature sensor, a gamma ray tool and a casing collar locator. When engineers run the tool in memory mode, batteries and a data recorder are used.

What are memory production logging services?

Memory production logging services use a range of combinable sensors to provide advanced measurements, with the same accuracy and quality as those from the real-time configuration, when logistical, operational, or downhole constraints prevent use of the surface readout (SRO) system.

What is Techlog wellbore software?

The Techlog wellbore software platform enables performing a complete production logging workflow, from raw acquisition data to interpreted zonal flow rates. The workflow is efficiently accomplished using a suite of dedicated procedures that extract the most information from the data.

How can reservoir logs be used to optimize well and reservoir performance?

Reservoir and production engineers can use these logs to help manage and optimize well and reservoir performance. Production logging traces its origin to the 1930s and the measurement of wellbore temperature.

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