What is red6?

What is red6?

Red 6 is revolutionizing augmented reality (AR) for military training applications worldwide. The company is revolutionizing Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training by providing crucial capabilities to advance US Military and allied readiness across the globe.

What is Red 6 in military?

Red 6 has developed Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System (ATARS) a revolutionary approach to Augmented Reality (AR) that now enables it to work outdoors and critically, in high speed, dynamic environments.

What is Red 6 Lake made of?

Red 6 Lake is a type of pigment which belongs to fluorescent-based dyes. These dyes were first approved in 1982 to be used in drugs and cosmetic products. This dye is formed by reacting simple dyes with its salts and precipitates. It generally consists of aluminum as a metal part.

What is Blue lake?

Blue 1 lake is a water-insoluble pigment used in cosmetics. It also used as a food coloring and made from combining an organic pigment with one or more minerals. See: FD&C Colors.

Is Red lake 7 toxic?

Orange 5, Yellow 6 Lake, Red 6 Lake, Red 7 Lake. The TLDR is that these dyes can be toxic and can build up in the body over time. If you want to go more on dyes check out our previous post.

Who uses AR?

American consumers are beginning to expect AR. In 2020, 83.1 million consumers in the US used AR monthly. That accounts for 15% of the population. Years ago, brands were mainly able to engage with users through print because of the large user base.

Does Augmented Reality increase sales?

Augmented reality increases sales Some customers using Adloid have increased sales conversions from online channels up to 200 percent. One online retailer tripled the number of online customers who purchased consumer items after using the tool.

Will AR be big?

AR will probably be massive and change the web in a fundamental way, a true Web 3.0 that’s the biggest shift of the internet to date. That’s doesn’t sound like something that will happen particularly smoothly.

What is red 6?

Red 6 has received both Small Business Innovative Research Phase I and a $1.5M Phase II award from AFWERX based-on the soundness, technical merit, and innovation of Red 6’s approach to solving a compelling USAF need. Red 6 is the longest running program within AFWERX.

What is the Air Force saying about Red 6?

Colonel Randall “Laz” Gordon of AFWERX, the USAF’s rapid technology development organization, stated, “It’s exciting that Red 6 has created such a cutting-edge solution aimed at maintaining our competitive advantage. Their approach marks the genesis of a new paradigm in training and offers enormous potential for the future.

What is Redred 6 ATARS?

Red 6 has developed ATARS which enables Augmented Reality to work outdoors and in dynamic environments – this is the genesis of the next big inflection point in mobile computing. By using both the indoor AND outdoor space around us as a medium, ATARS fundamentally redefines how the world will experience, share, and interact with information.

Who is Redred six solutions?

Red Six Solutions is a strategic advisory consulting firm. We’re experts in the art of Red Teaming. We provide our clients with over-the-horizon insights into unseen threats that can confound strategic decision-making and significantly impact future revenue, valuation and brand reputation.

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