What is retention in orthodontics?

What is retention in orthodontics?

Retention is the final phase in your orthodontic treatment journey. Once your braces have been removed, you’ll enter the retention phase. This is when we ensure your newly straightened teeth stay in their new position and don’t slip back to their old ways.

What is medical retention?

1. the process of holding back or keeping in a position. 2. persistence in the body of material normally excreted, such as from the bowel or bladder.

Why retention is necessary in orthodontics?

When you’re done wearing your braces or aligners, your teeth can still shift back to their original spots. This is because the gums, bones and the muscles & tissues of the mouth need time to adapt to the new positions the teeth are in. The retention phase of treatment ensures that your teeth stay put.

What are retention visits?

What Is Retention. Retention is the part of orthodontic treatment that is designed to keep your teeth in proper alignment after your braces come off or your Invisalign clear aligner series is complete. In other words, retention ensures you keep the beautiful smile you and your local orthodontist have worked so hard on.

What is retention in business?

What Is Retention? Customer retention refers to a company’s or product’s ability to retain customers over time. If a company or product has high customer retention, it means that customers return to purchase or continue using a product or service.

How do you check the retention of a full denture?

Conclusion: Mandibular complete denture retention can be measured by applying oblique downward pressure on the occlusal plane at the mandibular central incisor midpoint.

How do I know if my dentures are stable?

More lingual the teeth placed relative to the ridge crest, greater is the balance. The more buccal the placement of teeth, the poorer is the balance. More centered is the force of occlusion anteroposteriorly, greater is the stability of the denture base.

What is retention Cove?

Coves: Coves are always used to provide additional retention in preparations that utilize slots or pins. Coves are prepared with no. ¼ bur. 8.

What is primary retention form?

Primary Retention Form. Definition: The shape or form of the prepared cavity that resists displacement or removal of the restoration from tipping or lifting forces. Primary Retention Form.

What is retention form in dentistry?

Retention form is that form of cavity that best permits the restoration to resist displacement through tipping or lifting forces, especially masticatory loading. Inverted truncated cones or undercuts. Dovetail. Elastic deformation of dentin e.g. gold foil.

What is the medical definition of retention?

Medical Definition of retention 1 : the act of retaining: as a : abnormal retaining of a fluid or secretion in a body cavity retention of urine retention of bile b : the holding in place of a tooth or dental replacement by means of a retainer

Why is retention important in orthodontics?

Retention in orthodontics Retention is necessary following orthodontic treatment to prevent relapse of the final occlusal outcome. Relapse can occur as a result of forces from the periodontal fibres around the teeth which tend to pull the teeth back towards their pre-treatment positions, and also from deflecting occlusal con …

What is the meaning of retainer?

a : abnormal retaining of a fluid or secretion in a body cavity retention of urine retention of bile. b : the holding in place of a tooth or dental replacement by means of a retainer. 2 : a preservation of the aftereffects of experience and learning that makes recall or recognition possible. Keep scrolling for more.

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