What is retURL in Salesforce?

What is retURL in Salesforce?

retURL= url. where url is a relative URL (the part of the URL that comes after https:// MyDomainName . my.salesforce.com/ or https:// MyDomainName .

How do you use retURL?

retURL is a variable that you can add to the end of your flow URL when creating a button. You can use a static value which links to a specific page (ex. retURL = 5005I00000FkTTPQA3), or a dynamic value so it links to different pages based on where you launch the flow (ex. retURL = {!

How do I find the flow URL in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Flows in the Quick Find box, then select Flows. Click the name of the flow. Copy the URL for the flow.

How do I redirect a page in Salesforce?

To assign a redirect to a site page:

  1. From Setup, enter Sites in the Quick Find box, then select Sites.
  2. Click a site label.
  3. Click URL Redirects on the site detail page.
  4. Specify the former page location in the Source URL field. The page location must:
  5. Specify the Redirect Type :
  6. Click Save.

How do I redirect a record in flow?

Simply put in the record id of the record you want to redirect to in the Record Id part of the Set Input Values and when your Flow lands on the Redirect Flow – Record Id Flow Action, the Flow will redirect to that record. To be able to redirect your Flow to a URL, you can use the Redirect Flow – URL Flow Action.

How do I end a screen flow in Salesforce?

Create another screen with a thank you message or case created like that and just showing finish button. Once they click on finish button it will open the same flow again.

How do I end a flow in Salesforce?

What is view state error in Salesforce?

If the size of a particular page exceeds 135kb, the page will throw a view state error. A screenshot showing a view state error in salesforce. To check the view state of a visual force page you have to make sure that Show View State in Development Mode checkbox in the User Layout is checked.

How do I find the flow url?

You can either go to the flow and copy the url pointing to it. Here is how the structure is: https://us.flow.microsoft.com/manage/environments/Default-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/flows…

How do I add a url to a flow in Salesforce?

Navigate to a URL Link from Images in Salesforce Flow Screen

  1. New Screen Flow. Create a New Flow and Select Screen Flow.
  2. Add a Screen Element.
  3. Remove Header and Footer from the Screen.
  4. Add Display Text Component on the Screen.
  5. Add Image using the Display Text’s Editor Canvas.
  6. Add/Embed Link on the Image Added.

How do I redirect a URL in lightning component?

Lightning Flow redirection to any URL with Local Action

  1. Step 1: Creating Local Action.
  2. navigateToUrl.cmp

How do I redirect a page in Apex?

Oracle APEX: Redirect to a page after submit processing

  1. Click on a page where you need to do the change.
  2. Click on Utilities Menu in the Page Toolbar.
  3. Select Page Events.
  4. In the right hand side below Page Processing click on Create Branch in case a new redirect has to be created.

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