What is sfsfera III?

What is sfsfera III?

SFERA III is a Horizon 2020 project funded under the Research Infrastructure Programme. The consortium is coordinated by CIEMAT-PSA and made by a total of 15 partners from 9 EU member countries. The project runs from January 2019 to December 2022 and will receive a 9,103 M€ EC grant over these 4 years.

What does a transformer look like in a schematic?

Transformers are usually shown with a schematic symbol that symbolically represents how a transformer works. It looks like two parallel inductor coils with something in between them, usually a line or two. Transformers are identified in schematics with a reference designator (REFDES) starting with the letter “T”.

Where will the Sfera-III Summer School and doctoral Colloquium take place?

The SFERA-III Summer School and Doctoral Colloquium will take place in Almería on 5-6th and 7-9th October 2021. Further details below! Within the dissemination and training activities planned in the SFERA-III project, CIEMAT is organizing: A Summer School that will…

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