What is Terminal Island?

What is Terminal Island?

Terminal Island is roughly split between the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. Land use on the island is entirely industrial and port-related, as well as the Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island.

What is a blinkenlight?

Blinkenlights is a neologism for diagnostic lights usually on the front panels on old mainframe computers, minicomputers, many early microcomputers, and modern network hardware.

Is Terminal Island at risk of being wiped out?

While no government facilities currently build ships on Terminal Island, boat-building does continue, most notably the 110-year-old yards of the Al Larson Boat Shop. Today Terminal Island’s story is at risk of being wiped out. The property is owned by the Port of Los Angeles, and a new l and use proposal is nearing the final stages of approval.

How isterminal island connected to the mainland?

Terminal Island is connected to the mainland via four bridges. To the west, the distinctive green Vincent Thomas Bridge, the fourth-longest suspension bridge in California, connects it with the Los Angeles neighborhood of San Pedro. The Gerald Desmond Bridge connects the island with downtown Long Beach to the east.

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