What is TES Blendspace?

What is TES Blendspace?

TES Teach (formerly known as Blendspace) is a free online resource that is designed to help teachers create digital lessons that can be shared out with students. Using TES Teach you can create interactive lessons with your own content as well as any content from the web.

What is a toolkit in education?

A toolkit is a collection of authoritative and adaptable resources for front-line staff that enables them to learn about an issue and identify approaches for addressing them. Toolkits can help translate theory into practice, and typically target one issue or one audience.

What is a tes in school?

Tes, formerly known as the Times Educational Supplement, is a weekly UK publication aimed at education professionals.

What is Blendspace used for?

Blendspace is a way to avoid fumbling with flash drives, losing valuable class time opening emails and attachments. All of the student projects can be added by their URL or uploaded into one lesson, given it a title, and in class, only one lesson has to be opened to display the student work for the class to enjoy.

What happened to Blendspace?

Blendspace is now operating as an independent product moving forward.

What is Toolkit with example?

A tool kit is the set of skills, abilities, knowledge, or other things needed in order to do a particular task or job. Nerves are an important part of the comedian’s tool kit. The course provides a comprehensive toolkit for negotiating situations.

How do you use a toolkit?

Open Toolkit using any of the following methods:

  1. Double-click the Toolkit icon on your desktop. For easy access, you can add the Toolkit icon to your taskbar.
  2. Click in the Search Windows bar and type Toolkit, then select the app.
  3. Click on the Start menu and select Toolkit from the menu.

Are TES Resources free?

Educare (part of tes) has free resources to help schools during the crisis.

What is TES portal?

Tes Portal is a cloud-based platform that you can access anytime, anywhere via tes.com. You can quickly and easily access products and their features that help you to attract, train and empower your staff. Staff access to Tes magazine. You can give your staff digital access to current and back issues of Tes magazine.

What does differentiated teaching mean?

What does differentiation actually mean? You have heard the word a million times before and you are pretty sure that differentiation means changing the way you teach to reach all the learners in your class. But what does that exactly mean? Here’s the low-down on what differentiated teaching is and what it isn’t.

What is differentdifferentiation in formative assessment?

Differentiation is the beating heart of formative assessment. One size does not fit all and there should be a range of activities and assessments that allow students of all levels to demonstrate mastery of information. Clear objectives help to create meaningful assessments that are tailored to individual students’ needs.

How can I encourage differentiation in the classroom?

Remember differentiation does not have to be by task; it can take virtually any form – questioning, the use of resources and scaffolds, adult deployment, group tasks and solo activities – so long as it is well-informed. Collect feedback from your pupils on what they felt had and had not worked last time. Encourage them to be specific.

What is differentiation and why is it important?

Our students come to us with important differences and learning needs. As a teacher, if differentiated learning helps to address those differences and sets the foundation for success for every student, and in turn, those who embrace differentiated teaching methods, experience success just the same! Want to know what differentiation is all about?

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