What is Thadri festival?

What is Thadri festival?

Thadri is a Sindhi festival , which falls in the month of August. just a day before Janamashtmi . Mythologicaly it is the day on which Yoga Maya , Lord Krishna’s sister was born. It is also called Satain and the Godess Sheetladevi is worshiped. People pray to ward off measles, chicken pox , small pox.

How is Thadri celebrated?

Thadri, a festival celebrated by Sindhis, 7 days after Rakhsabandhan, to please Goddess Jog Maya, is a day to consume cold (cooked a day ahead) and pro biotics like curds and pickle. Some people cover the burner of gas stove that was used to cook lola and on Thadri nothing is cooked on that particular burner.

What is Thadri in Sindhi?

– Thadri, which essentially means ‘cold’ in Sindhi language is a day dedicated to Shitala Devi, one who is believed to cure poxes, sores, ghouls, pustules and diseases. Once the prayers are made, a few drops of water are sprinkled on the main stove in order to appease Shitala devi mata.

Why is Thadri Sindhi festival celebrated?

WHY THADHRI? Thadhri is celebrated for Devi Mata —- when people used to get small pox or chicken pox -it used to be considered that have Mata ( meaning Mata was upset) — Mata means Chandi Mata- Durga Devi in Chandi Roop — People considered it to be her anger.

Why do Sindhis go to Gurudwara?

Sindhis are the followers of GURU NANK DEV JI. So they go to GURDWARA to pray.

What Sindhi festival is today?

Cheti Chand
Cheti Chand is celebrated on the second day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. This year, Cheti Chand will be celebrated today. Here are some wishes and quotes that you can share with your loved ones. Cheti Chand 2021: Cheti Chand is a significant Sindhi festival celebrated widely by the Sindhi people of Pakistan and India.

What is Gogro Sindhi festival?

Gogo or Gogro is a Sindhi festival celebrated in honor of the God of snakes, named Gogal Devta. It is celebrated as Nag panchmi by many Indian communities. Gogo is now observed only by a small percentage of Sindhi families and many are not aware of the rituals as well.

Do Sindhis celebrate Diwali?

The festival of Diwali is known as Diyari among Sindhis. A lot of their festivities bear resemblance to the way Diwali is celebrated in most parts of north India. After having sweets, Sindhis light earthen lamps and keep their houses open throughout the night to welcome the Goddess of wealth.

Who is the God of Sindhis?

Jhulelal is a name that refers to the Ishta Dev (most-revered deity) of Sindhi Hindus, who regard him to be an incarnation of the Hindu deity Varuna. The chant Jhule Lal Jhule Lal is considered the “clarion call” of Sindhi Hindus.

Are Sindhis Sikh or Hindu?

Most Sindhis of India follow the Hindu religion (90%), although Sindhi Sikhs are a prominent minority (5-10%).

What is TEEJ in Sindhi?

Akhan Teej In Sindh, Akshaya Tritiya is known as Akhandi which is celebrated in Vaisakha. On this day new earthen pots of water(matkas) were kept and everyone was offered clean and cool water. The significance of this day was to offer water to the thirsty.

Why do we celebrate thadri Festival?

Thadri, a festival celebrated by Sindhis, 7 days after Rakhsabandhan, to please Goddess Jog Maya, is a day to consume cold (cooked a day ahead) and pro biotics like curds and pickle.

What food is eaten on thadri?

Generally the food that is consumed on Thadri consists of: To make dal paata phulka, rinse well and soak moong dal for an hour. Drain and roast slightly in some oil in a pan, add salt, turmeric powder and green chillies (optional) and boil in some water till al dente. Drain if there is any excess water.

What is the difference between thadri and Mohenjo daro?

– It is believed that thousands of years ago, when the land of Mohenjo Daro was dug, a statue of Shitala Devi was found and since then this day is dedicated to the deity. – While Thadri is celebrated 8 days post the auspicious festival of Rakshabandhan, the preparations actually begin a day in advance.

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