What is the best planetarium software?

What is the best planetarium software?

Best free Planetarium software for Windows 11/10

  • Stellarium.
  • Hallo Northern Sky.
  • WinStars3.
  • KStars.
  • Aciqra.
  • Night Vision.
  • WorldWide Telescope.

Is Stellarium good?

Overall, Stellarium Mobile Plus is one of the better stargazing apps out there, with beautiful visuals, mostly realistic depictions of the stars, and containing more stars than any other app. However, the navigation and database of asteroids are lacking in comparison to its direct competitor, SkySafari 3.

Is Stellarium free for Android?

With the help of this app, you can spot most celestial objects for free. For Android, there is Stellarium, where you can spot asteroids, comets, deep-sky objects, satellites, and more for free.

Who owns Stellarium?

Fabien Chéreau
Stellarium (software)

Stellarium 0.12.0 running on Ubuntu Linux
Original author(s) Fabien Chéreau
Developer(s) Alexander Wolf Georg Zotti Marcos Cardinot Guillaume Chéreau Bogdan Marinov Timothy Reaves Florian Schaukowitsch
Initial release 2001
Stable release 0.21.2 / September 27, 2021

Is Stellarium free?

Stellarium Mobile Free is available for Android for free (with in-app purchases), but there is also Stellarium Mobile PLUS that will cost you $19.99.

Does Stellarium work offline?

No, there is no ethernet connection for it to connect to.

What app tells you what stars are in the sky?

The Skyview app is $2 on iOS and Android, but both platforms have a free lite version. To use Skyview, just point your device at the sky and you can get started identifying galaxies, stars, constellations, planets — even the International Space Station.

Is Cartes du Ciel better than Stellarium?

I started off with Stellarium and found it great – its certainly prettier – but on the off chance I downloaded Cartes Du Ciel the other day and was blown away by the functionality of it – sure, Stellarium is much prettier to look at, but the CdC just seems to lay out the info a lot clearer and seems a bit more `hardcore`.

Which one is better Stellarium or Stellarium CDC?

More sharing options… I like both – they have their own pro’s and con’s – but CdC is the more “technical” one whereas Stellarium might appeal more to the beginner at first More sharing options… Not tried CdC yet.

Is there a way to print Sky on Stellarium?

You can’t yet (other than print screen), there is a Print Sky plugin under development by Pep Pujols and you can download a test build of Stellarium that incorporates it, but by all accounts it is still buggy. More sharing options… More sharing options…

Do you use Stellarium for planetarium tracking?

I love Stellarium for quickly checking things like, DSO positions in regard to my garden, positions of Jovian moons etc, and satellite/comet tracking. But for running my kit I use Hallo Northern Sky, a real bare bones planetarium app which uses very little resources. I do have CdC somewhere, never used it though. More sharing options…

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