What is the best PvP spec?

What is the best PvP spec?

World of Warcraft Classic: Top 5 PvP specs

  • Holy Paladin. The Paladin is one of the best healers you can choose.
  • Subtlety Rogue. Subtlety Rogue will ensure you deal tons of damage.
  • Arms Warrior. Arms Warrior can become unstoppable when paired with a healer.
  • Affliction Warlock. Affliction Warlock is a ranged DPS to be feared.

What was the best PvP class in vanilla WoW?

Holy Paladin is the best PvP class when it comes to healing. They have the highest single-target healing, easily beating out Holy and Discipline Priests, Resto Druids, and Resto Shamans. Warlocks have to be one of the most underrated classes in all of Classic.

What’s the best DPS in Shadowlands?

Shadowlands: Highest DPS In Castle Nathria, Ranked

  • 6 C+ Tier: Retribution Paladin, Arcane Mage, Enhancement Shaman.
  • 7 C Tier: Subtlety Rogue, Feral Druid, Frost Death Knight.
  • 8 Below C Tier: Survival/Beast Master Hunter, Destruction/Demonology Warlock, Arms Warrior.

What’s the highest DPS class in WoW?

The highest DPS title is mostly held by Rogue, Mage and even Warlock if you can manage to stay alive long enough to get your damage off. Some specs within these classes will perform better than others when it comes to battlegrounds, as such we have placed them higher.

Is Hunter good in Shadowlands PvP?

Marksmanship Hunter Strengths in PvP Marksmanship Hunter has one of the strongest bursts in PvP that doesn’t rely on gear or trinkets, with Double Tap giving incredible on-demand burst.

Is there PvP gear in Shadowlands?

Player content in the Shadowlands expansion. Participating in normal and rated PvP will reward you with Honor and Conquest that you can spend purchasing and upgrading PvP gear.

Is Rogue the best PvP class?

The Rogue Class is one of the most infamous PvP Classes in all of World of Warcraft. A Rogue’s biggest strength in PvP is being able to pick their battles, thanks to Stealth.

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