What is the best tactic for Football Manager 2021?

What is the best tactic for Football Manager 2021?

Best FM21 Tactics: Knaps Venom & Faith 4-2-2-2

  • Tested when: Patch 21.1.
  • Tested with: Everton & Crystal Palace.
  • Formation: 4-2-2-2.
  • Style: Attacking, pressing with high lines.
  • Results: Treble with Everton; Premier League, FA Cup & League Cup.
  • Goals scored: 3.6 per game.
  • Conceded: 1.31 per game.
  • Rating:

What tactics work in fm22?

Best FM22 Tactics

Name Formation Goals Against
Indo-Balli 📺 4-3-3 235
Death by xG 📺 4-1-4-1 252
You Shall Not Cross 3-4-1-2 208
Concerto 📖 4-2-4 197

How do you counter vertical tiki-taka fm20?

superb counter attacking football. perfect against tikitaka….

  1. Must have enormous amount of patience .
  2. Sound defence .
  3. Have pacy wingers to break on the counter attacks .
  4. If the game is at your home ground , keep the ground wet .
  5. Be clinical with the possession .
  6. Focus on the positional play .

How do you beat tiki taka fm21?

stick to your position let them come for whatever they want never commit to early wait for the moment. Get your mid field to fall back for support and leave no spaces in between play an offside trap but no high pressing play with proper positioning never ever leave your spot and let them tiki taka forever.

What is the best tactic for football manager 2012?

This is what you’ll learn in this guide. 4-4-2 custom tactic for Football Manager 2012, best stuited for fast players. The popular tactic by tactikzz that helped Hulk score 123 goals in 54 matches! Do you know GoalsGalore 2012?

What is the best FM21 lower league formation?

Best FM21 Lower League Tactic – Formation This is a direct, pressing system focussed on attacking, front to back Football in a 4-2-4 shape. Two Pressing Forwards offer a constant goal threat and act as the first line of Defence. The right sided striker is instructed to roam from position adding movement to the frontline.

What is the FM21 tactic?

This FM21 lower league Tactic features attacking, pressing football and is suitable for level 10 teams up to the National League North/South and possibly the National League. Once you reach the National League and League Two, a more intricate approach is required but we have a tactic for that too (found here.)

How to beat lower divisions in football?

Most players in lower divisions will be very unfit, so if you have a team that is okay fitness-wise you can really destroy them in the second-half. It also gives you the option of closing down heavily in the first-half, to put pressure on the opposition early in the game, whilst still being able to match them in the second-half.

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