What is the best time to visit Iguazu Falls?

What is the best time to visit Iguazú Falls?

The best time to visit Iguazú Falls is between late March to May, or August to early October. The falls are spectacular and flowing all year around, of course, so you can really visit any time, but there are a number of factors to consider when picking the best time to visit.

What is the weather like in Brazil in April?

The hot weather starts to ease in April, as Brazil moves into the dry season with less rain and humidity. April marks the beginning of fall in Brazil, and you can expect temperatures around 65-80°F. It is warmer in the beginning of the month, and temperatures drop closer to May.

Is Iguazú Falls cold or hot?

It’s hot and humid at Iguazú Falls in February. Temperatures reach into the high 90s—it’s a great time to take a boat ride on the Iguazú River and feel the cool spray of the falls—and crowds come to the national parks from all over the world, so you’ll want to plan your trip well ahead of time.

How many days do you need in Iguazu falls?

If you only plan to see Iguazu falls from one side I would recommend allocating at least two days. I do suggest, if it’s possible, visiting both countries to see both sides. Each side offers a very different perspective. If you plan on seeing both sides, stay for 3-4 days.

Is Iguazu falls worth the trip?

Are Iguazu Falls Worth It? Absolutely! As someone who has spent the better part of 20 years traveling and has visited 116 countries and countless waterfalls, I can honestly say that the Iguazu falls are the most spectacular waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

Is April a good time to visit Brazil?

April – July May marks the start of the low season in Brazil. The average temperature is usually around the early 70s. This is usually the last month to head to the south of the country before winter properly sets in.

What is special about Iguazu Falls?

The combined flow of these individual falls is the largest of any waterfall in the world. It is much taller than Niagara Falls and is twice as wide. In the rainy season, there can be 450,000 cubic feet of water cascading over the falls per second. The Iguazu Falls truly are stunning.

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