What is the blue New Deal?

What is the blue New Deal?

The Blue New Deal laid out in the OCAP report is a policy framework that aims to achieve two key objectives: use ocean and coastal resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and draw atmospheric greenhouse gases down to safer levels; and.

What is the new blue color?

YInMn Blue
Your new front-runner might be YInMn Blue, the first new blue pigment developed since cobalt blue more than 200 years ago (though cobalt blue had been employed in Chinese potteries for centuries before). This vivid hue was first made in 2009, but only recently became commercially available.

Is there a new shade of blue?

YInMn Blue as synthesized in the laboratory, 2016, Photograph. A so-called new shade of blue, YInMn Blue has caused a great deal of buzz this week as it finally becomes available to consumers. The shade was first discovered in 2009, in an Oregon State University lab, by chemist Mas Subramanian and his team.

Who made YInMn Blue?

chemist Mas Subramanian
In 2009, researchers at Oregon State University discovered YInMn Blue—the first new blue pigment identified in 200 years—while developing materials for use in electronics. Led by chemist Mas Subramanian, the team quickly realized that it had stumbled onto something significant.

What is the meaning of Blue economy?

According to the World Bank, the blue economy is the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem.” European Commission defines it as “All economic activities related to oceans, seas and coasts.

Which of the following are ways that the oceans can help fight climate change?

But rather than being a passive victim of the climate crisis, The Ocean as a Solution for Climate Change demonstrates that the ocean is ripe with opportunities to reduce carbon pollution including installing offshore wind turbines, expanding the use of floating wind and solar facilities, decarbonizing the shipping …

How expensive is YInMn Blue?

It is now available in paint form at select stores across the country — though a 1.3-ounce tube can go for as much as $179.40.

What is the newest color made?

And now, for the first time in two centuries, a new chemically-made pigment of the celebrated color is available for artists — YInMn Blue. It’s named after its components — Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese — and its luminous, vivid pigment never fades, even if mixed with oil and water.

Why is YInMn blue so expensive?

YinMn is more environmentally friendly to produce than other blue pigments, and is less toxic than the cobalt-based blue pigments (Cobalt and Cerulean Blue). However, the pigment is very expensive to make due to the elements that it contains, and this makes it less accessible.

What is blue economy example?

Even the World Bank explicitly stated that the blue economy includes established ocean industries, such as fisheries, tourism and marine transport, as well as new and emerging activities such as offshore renewable energy, aquaculture, seabed extractive activities and marine biotechnology and bioprospecting20.

What is NewBlue essentials for Windows?

NewBlue Video Essentials for Windows is a program developed by NewBlue. The most used version is 3.0, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. The main program executable is VideoEssentials.dll. The software installer includes 20 files and is usually about 42.5 MB (44,561,512 bytes).

What is NewBlue software?

NewBlue is a developer of audio & video and design & photo software. The current developer portfolio contains 156 programs. The most popular software is Art Effects with 93 installations on Windows PC.

What is going blue?

When applied to a person, usually to go blue is an idiom that is used for the couple of facial expressions where oxygenated blood drains from the face, leaving the pallor of the face blue; what comes to mind for me are the emotions of embarrassment, shock, and exhausted anger.

What are the names of the color blue?

There are many different names for blue colors. although some such as light or deep blue may be fairly common or standard, others are more specific and often created by organizations or groups. Examples include Dodger Blue (for the baseball team) or Duke Blue (for the university).

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