What is the code for Majin Sonic?

What is the code for Majin Sonic?

Using the Sound Test, players could access a very disturbing Easter egg. Inputting the numbers 46, 12, and 25 into the Sound Test mode would bring up a bizarre screen whose background consisted of rows of Sonics with wagging fingers and disturbing, human-like faces.

Is Majin Sonic bad?

Unlike Akuma, Majin is very crazy and hostile. He attacks his enemies relentlessly. Also, Majin is very rude and often insults everyone. He’s fearless and a sadist who enjoys hurting people for hours.

What does the text at the end of Sonic EXE say?

Ending. First: And my diseased soul screams, Will you be my walker of shadows, Delight me with sinister sin, Our funeral of euphoria, Will break satan’s black heart.

What is Sonic CD ability?

S3&K, Sonic special skill was the Insta-Shield, done by pressing jump while in the air. S-CD, Sonic could run even faster than a regular spindash by holding up, and rapidly tapping the jump button. Mania, Sonic can achieve almost instantly peel out into a spin-dash.

Who is Majin Sonic in FNF?

He is a character in Japanese video game series who fights against evil. Majin Sonic Fnf uses four possibly most common structures to win over his enemies:-Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Dark Sonic, Dark Spine Sonic.

What created sonic EXE?

Facts. Sonic. EXE was created by JC-The-Hyena.

Is there a hidden message in the Sonic CD?

A hidden message in Sonic CD, with the translation: “Fun is infinite as Sega Enterprises! -Madzin”. That’s creepy by itself, but the Sonic face is nightmare fuel. This screen gave me nightmares as a kid but then again so did the Tails doll curse.

What are the numbers on the Sonic CD?

The numbers are 46, 12, and 25 or 12 and 25. After that, you player will unlock a creepy message. Videos[] Creepy Gaming – Ep.5 Sonic CD Hidden Message

How do you do the Secret Sound Test in Sonic CD?

For the uninitiated, the deal is this: there’s a secret sound test in Sonic CD, and if you select the proper combination of stuff in that sound test, a spooky screen pops up with some Japanese text. First, for clarification, here’s how to access this spooky screen to begin with: At the title screen, press Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A.

Is Majin’s name on the Sonic CD a pun?

The real question, though, was if this Majin name on the Sonic CD screen was a pun or if it was just because it was Masato Nishimura’s nickname. The answer is… that it was because it was his nickname… but he got the nickname as a kid because it was a goofy way to read his name. So it’s sort of both.

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