What is the difference between TGCL 153PH WH and TGCL 153PR Wh?

What is the difference between TGCL 153PH WH and TGCL 153PR Wh?

The DVWCL-153PH-WH will include a wallplate with the dimmer (model: CW-1-WH). The DVCL-153PR-WH will not include a wallplate, only the dimmer. On the TGCL, the PR and PH are different in that one has an adjustment screw to set the dimmer range for led lights.

What is a toggle dimmer?

Ideal for replacing a standard switch, this toggle dimmer provides smooth dimming performance through a single pole installation. This dimmer works with incandescent, dimmable LED and dimmable CFL bulbs. Use indoors only with one-switch, permanently installed lighting fixtures — wallplate not included.

What is Lutron LED+?

Dimmers with LED+ technology (formerly C•L dimmers) are forward phase dimmers specifically designed for controlling dimmable LEDs, incandescent, and halogen bulbs. They’re the result of our commitment to providing the best LED dimming experience to our customers.

How does a CL dimmer work?

A CL dimmer uses resistors to alter the power output and you will be able to use your bulb of choice, even if that’s an LED or fluorescent light. You do need to make sure the lights themselves are dimmable. If you attempt to use an incandescent dimmer with these lights, it will either not work at all or malfunction.

Do they make 20 amp dimmer switches?

20 Amp, 120/277 Volt, Decora Style 3-Way / 3-Way AC Combination Switch, Commercial Grade, Grounding, Side Wired – White.

What is an LED+ dimmer?

LED+ technology (formerly C.L) provides superior dimming. — Works with existing wiring – no neutral required. — Easy to adjust low-end trim for maximizing bulb performance. — Patented 2-wire technology to prevent dimmer interaction, flicker and shimmer for beautiful LED dimming.

How do you become a Lutron dealer?

Complete program application and submit proof of invoice. Maintain a high level of homeowner satisfaction on all Lutron installations, and provide superior service. Maintain active engagement with Lutron by achieving annual program minimums. Maintain qualified staff for Lutron products you sell and service.

Are Lutron dimmers TRIAC?

Yes, Lutron does have a line of smart TRIAC dimmers in their Diva product line. However the Caseta line of dimmers are not TRIAC. There are other smart brands out there with options as well.

What is a Lutron dimmer switch?

These Lutron dimmers are designed to replace or match your traditional style switches. Save energy and extend bulb life with the Ariadni’s easy-to-use toggle switch and small slide dimmer. Designed with a shallow 1-inch deep back cover for easy installation, Ariadni works with your existing traditional multi-gang wallplates.

How do I use the toggler dimmer?

The Toggler dimmer features a toggle switch to turn your lights off or on returning the lights to your favorite level. Adjust your light to any activity using the discreet slide control next to the switch.

How does the toggle-style switch work?

The Toggle-Style switch automatically returns to your favorite pre-selected light level. The LED+ models with HED Technology improve dimming performance of dimmable CFLs and LEDs compared to standard dimmers. Toggle-style switch returns light to a pre-selected light level. The slider adjusts the light to the …more

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