What is the Gable Tostee case?

What is the Gable Tostee case?

The Crown case was that there had been a violent argument during which Tostee locked Wright out on the balcony. Terrified for her life, she tried to escape by desperate means. Tostee was charged with murder and, as an alternative, manslaughter. He was acquitted in 2016.

What happened To Gable Tostee?

Infamous Gold Coaster Gable Tostee has been caught up in another high-rise drama, ending with a woman taken to hospital. Tostee, who now calls himself Eric Thomas, was acquitted of killing his New Zealand Tinder date Warriena Wright, who plunged to her death from his Surfers Paradise high-rise in August 2014.

What is Gable Tostees name now?

Eric Thomas
Gable Tostee, who now goes by the name Eric Thomas, was on a Tinder date in the early hours of New Years’ Day when officers turned up at the property in Yarrabilba, south of Brisbane.

Did Gable Tostee do it?

In the space of a few years, Gable Tostee changed from a shy introvert to a self-styled playboy. Then it all went horribly wrong. Look back on one of Queensland’s most intriguing cases, which ended with Tostee being acquitted of murder and manslaughter.

How did Gable Tostee get acquitted?

An Australian man has been acquitted of the murder of a New Zealand woman during their first Tinder date. Gable Tostee, 30, was charged after Warriena Wright, 26, fell from his balcony in Queensland’s Gold Coast in August 2014. After four days of deliberation, the jury found him not guilty of murder and manslaughter.

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