What is the highest fps for slow motion?

What is the highest fps for slow motion?

60+fps – Anything higher than 30fps is mainly used to create slow-motion video or to record video game footage.

How many frames per second is a high-speed camera?

High-speed cameras are necessary for events that start around 500 frames per second and go up to 1,000,000 frames per second; but even at slower frame rates the consumer-grade products may often produce images which are unacceptable for the application.

Can Sony a7iii shoot 4K 120fps?

What is this? The headline video feature of the Sony a 7S III is that it can shoot 4K video at up to 120p and full HD footage at up to 240p, with full-sensor readout no pixel-binning and with the hybrid autofocus system in action.

How much does a 1000 FPS camera cost?

As explained, the price is extra affordable for 1000 fps camera: $5,000 with 8 GB RAM, $5,400 with 16 GM RAM and $6,000 with 32 GB RAM. Pre-order can be made on the company’s website. Check out the video below: that will blow your mind. It’s not Phantom, but it looks pretty good:

What is a high speed camera?

From entry level, to the fastest on the planet — we have the camera for you. Sometimes referred to as high speed imaging or slow motion cameras, these cameras capture a single image on a frame of video and then advance to the next frame.

What is a high frame rate DSLR camera?

The high frame rate DSLR camera comes with an enormous zoom lens. Even though the design of the new model might look similar to its predecessor, when compared sitting right next to each other, the differences are quickly spotted. Sony has implemented design tweaks, meant to improve the camera’s grip and body.

How much does it cost to shoot at ultra-high frame rate?

No need to pay $70,000 to shoot at ultra-high frame rate anymore. The new Chronos 2.1-HD (costs $5,000) can record 1080p video at 1000 FPS and up to 100,000 FPS at lower resolutions. The video is saved to removable media in compressed h.264 or uncompressed CinemaDNG files.

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