What is the jovial meaning?

What is the jovial meaning?

1 : characterized by good-humored cheerfulness and conviviality : jolly a jovial host a jovial welcome spent a jovial evening together.

Does jovial mean merry?

Frequently Asked Questions About jovial Some common synonyms of jovial are blithe, jocund, jolly, and merry. While all these words mean “showing high spirits or lightheartedness,” jovial suggests the stimulation of conviviality and good fellowship.

Is Santa jovial?

Santa Claus, with his constant “ho-ho-hoing” is a jovial figure. Jocose and jocular are similar words, but they refer more to things that actually cause laughter.

What is jovial personality?

1. Jovial, jocose, jocular, jocund agree in referring to someone who is in a good humor. Jovial suggests a hearty, joyous humor: a jovial person. Jocose refers to that which causes laughter; it suggests someone who is playful and given to jesting: with jocose and comical airs.

What does mercurial temper mean?

2 : having qualities of eloquence, ingenuity, or thievishness attributed to the god Mercury or to the influence of the planet Mercury. 3 : characterized by rapid and unpredictable changeableness of mood a mercurial temper. 4 : of, relating to, containing, or caused by mercury.

Does even tempered mean?

Definition of even-tempered : not easily upset or made angry a very even-tempered girl.

What is the dictionary definition of plasticine?

Define Plasticine. Plasticine synonyms, Plasticine pronunciation, Plasticine translation, English dictionary definition of Plasticine. n trademark a soft coloured material used, esp by children, for modelling Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 ©… Plasticine – definition of Plasticine by The Free Dictionary

What is the meaning of jovial?

Definition of jovial. 1 : characterized by good-humored cheerfulness and conviviality : jolly a jovial host a jovial welcome spent a jovial evening together. 2 capitalized : of or relating to Jove. Other Words from jovial Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym Jovial and Birth Dates More Example Sentences Learn More about jovial.

What is a plasticine trademark?

1. Plasticine- a synthetic material resembling clay but remaining soft; used as a substitute for clay or wax in modeling (especially in schools) trademark- a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product synthetic, synthetic substance- a compound made artificially by chemical reactions

What is plastiplasticine?

Plasticine is a putty -like modelling material made from calcium salts, petroleum jelly and aliphatic acids. Though originally a brand name for the British version of the product, it is now applied generically in English as a product category to other formulations.

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