What is the Leckey advance bath chair?

What is the Leckey advance bath chair?

The Leckey Advance Bath Chair provides postural support while ensuring the individual is safe and secure during bathing. Strong, durable, practical and adjustable sleeping system for kids aged 0-18 years. Developed to support children in a neutral posture.

Why choose Leckey seating systems?

Comfortable, supportive starter seating system which opens up a world of possibilities for little ones. As part of the Sunrise Medical family, Leckey is delighted to be able to offer a range of Leckey seating systems on Sunrise Medical mobility bases, giving children more opportunities to explore the world.

Why choose Leckey for your child support?

At Leckey we’re all about supporting children so we choose to work in partnership with individuals, clinicians and carers to design products with a clinical and emotional focus and to deliver excellence in value and service for kids who need special support.

What is Beme by Leckey?

Leckey is delighted to announce the launch of BeMe, a ground-breaking, infinitely configurable seating system that provides the highest level of individualised support for children. We work closely with over 20+ global partners who distribute the Leckey family of products throughout the world.

What are the benefits of the Leckey PAL?

The Leckey Pal is designed to help improve stability. This will help reduce fatigue and allow children longer periods of concentration and activity in school. Simple hand adjustments of the back rest angle, seat depth and seat height make this classroom seat perfect for quick adjustments in the classroom.

How does Leckey make a difference?

Through early intervention, childhood right up to adulthood, Leckey’s experienced team of designers and clinicians work together with our family of experts to develop exciting innovative products that make a real difference to the quality of life for the children and their families.

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