What is the maximum height for mobile scaffold?

What is the maximum height for mobile scaffold?

Mobile Scaffold is an aluminium structure that is erected on site. It can be built to a maximum height of 12 metres and comes equipped with lockable wheels or casters for easy maneuverability.

What rules should you follow when working with mobile scaffolds?

General Guidelines for the Safe Use of a Mobile Scaffold (Refer to manufacturer’s manual if available). Ensure the scaffold is level. Ensure all sections are pinned or appropriately secured. Keep scaffold loads to a minimum (including tools and other equipment) and remove when the scaffold is not in use.

Do you need a license to erect scaffolding?

If you are erecting scaffolding on the pavement or road, you must apply for a structures licence.

What qualification do you need to erect a mobile scaffold tower?

Basic guidelines

  • You must carry out a proper risk assessment before you start work.
  • You must be competent to build, dismantle, carry out a pre-use inspection on the tower and complete the necessary pre-use inspection record in accordance with the regulations.

What are mobile scaffolds?

Mobile scaffolds are a type of supported scaffold set on wheels or casters. They are designed to be easily moved and are commonly used for things like painting and plastering, where workers must frequently change position. NOTE: The requirements on this page are specific to mobile scaffolds only.

Where should a mobile scaffold not be used?

Work should not be done from tower or mobile scaffolds located on balconies or raised areas unless the scaffold is stable and secure or fixed to the structure to prevent movement. cannot become tangled with the scaffold. Never move the scaffold in windy conditions.

When should you never use scaffolding?

Never use a tower: in strong winds; as a support for ladders, trestles or other access equipment; with broken or missing parts; or.

How does scaffolding work?

„Information Sheet: Scaffolding work near overhead electric lines. Tower and mobile scaffolds A tower scaffold is an independent scaffold consisting of four vertical standards connected longitudinally and transversely or two frames in plan connected transversely to create a scaffold of one bay.

How to ensure the stability of mobile scaffolding?

„ Wheels should be locked before erection continues. „ Wheels with adjustable legs should be used and adjusted to keep the platform level when the supporting structure is at uneven or different heights. „ Include plan bracing at the base of mobile scaffolds to provide greater stability.

What are the guidelines for erecting and dismantling scaffolds?

If end frames are used as climbing devices for access OR if you are erecting and dismantling tubular and welded-frame scaffolds, make sure: a. Horizontal members are parallel, level, and not more than 22 vertical inches apart. b. Horizontal members are erected in a manner that creates a usable ladder and provides good hand hold and foot space. 4.

What is the first step in the scaffold erection process?

The first step in the scaffold erection process is effective pre-planning. A qualified person should do adequate pre-planning to make sure a plan has been developed to make sure the scaffold is erected properly. Successful pre-planning activities include the following: a. determine the type of scaffold necessary for the job b.

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