What is the meaning of dramatic interpretation?

What is the meaning of dramatic interpretation?

Dramatic Interpretation, or DI, interprets and presents a piece of literature using voice, body and facial expression. Usually the material is almost exclusively dialogue with almost no narration. The selections are commonly taken from plays, novels and short stories.

How long is a dramatic interpretation piece?

It consists of a piece from any published work, edited to fit within a 10-minute span with a 30-second grace period (it does not have a minimum and cannot be above 10:30).

What is a humorous interpretation speech?

Humorous Interpretation is designed to test a student’s comedic skills through script analysis, delivery, timing, and character development. Competitors may portray one or multiple characters and their performances are evaluated by a judge.

Is Dramatic Interpretation memorized?

Dramatic Interpretation Memorized Time Limit: 10 Minutes (plus a 30 second grace period) The competitor portrays characters in a scene from a published book, play or movie script.

What is dramatic and humorous interpretation?

In all of these events, a published piece (from a play, screenplay, or other work) is cut to ten minutes and presented by the speaker, with a special emphasis on distinguishing the characters from each other.

How do you judge drama?


  1. Projection of the plot or theme and the play’s meaning.
  2. Bodily movement, gesture, and facial expression.
  3. Voice and diction (except for Pantomime)
  4. Originality of presentation.
  5. Interpretation.
  6. Interaction of characters in Duo events.

How long is a di speech?

A DI script should be no more than 1,200 words, which requires continuous cutting of superfluous language. Often, you’ll find that if you’ve spent the appropriate amount of time reading, cutting, and analyzing a script, memorization will be an easier process.

How do you judge a humorous interpretation?

It is judged based upon how the person portrays his or her characters and whether the piece is humorous. Ideally proper portrayal of characters should achieve a comedic effect to the judge.

How do you write a hi intro?

Typically, in HI, the introduction will start off with a joke relevant to the theme of the piece. The performer will then relate the joke back to the theme, and why the piece is relevant to the audience before returning to the performance. You only have ten minutes in an HI to tell a story and make an audience laugh.

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