What is the meaning of JI Chanta Matina?

What is the meaning of JI Chanta Matina?

It is pronounced as ma-ti-na. Matina is also name of a girl. To say I love you in Newari language you can say “Jie chan-ta ma-tina ya-na” (जिं छंन्त मतीना याना).

What do we say I love you in Newari?

Useful phrases in Newar

English नेपाल भाषा‎ (Newar)
I love you जितः छ नापं मतिना दु । (jitaḥ cha nāpuṅ matinā du) जितः छ यः । (jitaḥ cha yaḥ)
Get well soon याकनं लनेमा (yākanaṅ lanemā) याकनं बःलायेमा (yākanaṅ baḥlāyemā) याकनं भिनेमा (yākanaṅ bhinemā) याकनं धिसिमिसि लायेमा (yākanaṅ dhisimisi lāyemā)

What are you doing in Newari?

If you wish to say what are you doing these days then you can say chu yana chowna thaukanay. You can only add the word “Thaukanay” in above sentence. It can be pronounced as Thau-Ka-nay(थौउकने).

What do you call brother in Newari language?

English Devanagari Khas Bhasa (Nepali)
Brother (Elder) दाजु Dai
Brother (younger) किजा Bhai
Sister (elder) तता Didi
Sister (younger) कें Bahini

What does Chimabu mean?

Chimabu meaning in Nepali is “tayro bau” which also means your father but in informal way. It is pronouced as tay-ro bau.

How many types of Newar are there?

Below is a list of over 26 Newar castes, their sub-caste groups and clans, along with their traditional occupations and the most common surnames in their respective hierarchical positions.

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