What is the meaning of the palm cross?

What is the meaning of the palm cross?

Many hand out palm branches that have been blessed by the priest to the congregation, who will then make them into crosses. The branch is meant to serve as a reminder of the Christ’s victory over death. Catholic churches also often have processions using the palms.

What are Palm Sunday crosses made of?

Also, there will be carefully woven crosses and other symbols made from palm fronds and roses and a procession at the beginning of the liturgy, during which at some point, the priest will take an olive branch and splash holy water on the faithful.

What are the symbols of Palm Sunday?

Sunday is Palm Sunday, which is the Sunday before Easter in the Christian religion. The palm branch is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace and eternal life, originating in the ancient Near East and the Mediterranean world (Wikipedia).

What do you do with palms on palm Sunday?

Because these palms are sacramentals, they cannot be thrown away. They must either be burned or buried to be disposed of correctly. Many are returned to the church to be burned and used for ashes next Ash Wednesday.

What is the mystic cross on your palm?

The Mystic Cross is the most common mark of intuition. Resembling an X, this mark sits between the top two major lines on the hand, the heart line and the head line. A Mystic Cross represents an interest in the unseen and intuitive gifts. Some hands will have more than one cross.

What is a mystic cross?

: a mark resembling a cross that is sometimes found on the center of the palm between the line of Heart and the line of Head and under the Mount of Saturn and that is usually held by palmists to indicate a great interest in mysticism and occult subjects.

What is Palm Sunday and how is it celebrated?

Palm Sunday is often celebrated with processions and distribution of blessed palm leaves. In some churches, the palms are saved and burned into ashes to be used on Ash Wednesday of the next year. Some Christians fold the palm fronds into crosses and keep them in their homes.

What should I do with these palm crosses?

Consider attaching a special note or devotion to these crosses that provides information about your church. These Palm Crosses are made by villagers in Tanzania, which provides them with much needed extra income.

Where are our palm crosses made?

Our EXTRA LARGE palm crosses are sourced from the southern region of India near the city of Madurai. They are produce by professional artisans who also produce many other hand-crafted items in wood which are exported worldwide.

What is the best cross to use for Ash Wednesday?

Hand-woven palm crosses are very popular for use for Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday & Easter. These dried palm leaf crosses are very easy to handout to your guests and congregation. Consider attaching a special note or devotion to these crosses that provides information about your church.

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