What is the pin code of Banaskantha?

What is the pin code of Banaskantha?

List of banaskantha Locations Pin Code
Alwada 385545 Banaskantha
Ambaji 385110 Banaskantha
Anapur Chhota 385545 Banaskantha
Antroli 385010 Banaskantha

Where is dantewada in Gujarat?

The Dantiwada Dam is a mud and masonry dam on the West Banas River near Dantiwada, Banaskantha district of northern Gujarat in India. The dam was constructed in 1965 mainly for irrigation and flood control.

How many talukas are there in Banaskantha?

fourteen talukas
Taluka (Tehsil) The district is divided into fourteen talukas namely, Amirgadh. Bhabhar. Dantiwada.

What is the pin code of Bijapur Chhattisgarh?

Bijapur/Zip codes

On which river is Dantiwada project located?

Banas River
The Dantiwada Dam has been constructed across the Banas River. The motive behind the construction of this dam was to control flood and provide water for the purpose of irrigation projects in Gujarat. The dam has a height of 61 metres and a length of 4832 metres.

What is the Pincode of Palanpur?

Palanpur/Zip codes
The Palanpur H.O Pin code is 385001 and it comes under Banasanktha Division which is located in Banaskantha district of Gujarat State.

Is Banaskantha touch Pakistan?

Banaskantha is one among the thirty-three districts of the Gujarat state of India. Geographically Banaskantha shares its borders with Rajasthan state in the North, Sabarkantha district in East, Kutch district in West and Patan district and Mehsana district in the South. Border of Pakistan touches the desert.

How many villages are there in Banaskantha?

Village & Panchayats

Sr No. Takula Name No of Village
1 Palanpur 120
2 Vadgam 110
3 Deesa 113
4 Kankrej 103

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