What is the Raelian Movement?

What is the Raelian Movement?

The Raelian Movement is a new religious movement and atheistic religion that denies the existence of true supernatural gods. It believes instead that various mythologies (particularly that of the Abrahamic God) are based upon experiences with an alien race called the Elohim .

What do Raelians believe in?

Raelians believe that all life is artificial, the product of “intelligent design” by superior extraterrestrial scientists. Consistent with Raelians’ advocacy of a scientific worldview, the movement supports the development of nuclear power, genetically modified crops, and genetic engineering of humans.

What does happiness mean to Raelians?

The UN defines it as a day to be happy, but we, Raelians, think that happiness should not only be reserved for a one-day annual celebration. Instead, it should be celebrated throughout the year and, better yet, throughout o…

What are the different levels of Raelian membership?

There are two levels of membership in the International Raelian Movement. First, there are the rank-and–file “Raelians” who make up the majority of the membership and consist of loosely-affiliated, baptised members with varying degrees of commitment and engagement.

Raël was given the mission of spreading the Elohim message. Over the next three decades Raël built The Raelian Movement, which claims over 50,000 members in over 80 nations, and a variety of organizations that further the Raelian and Elohim missions.

What is indindivisible?

Indivisible is a nationwide movement of thousands of volunteer-led local groups that engage in progressive advocacy and electoral work at the local, state, and national level.

What is the Raelians’ initiation ritual?

The Raelians’ initiation ritual is the Transmission of the Cellular Plan (or “Baptism”). Raël himself, or one of his Bishop guides, will dip his hand in water and place it on the initiate’s forehead in order to transmit his/her genetic code to the Elohim’s machines.

How do you become a Raelian?

To join Raelism, you simply have to embrace these beliefs and reject all other religions. Then there’s an official baptism ceremony, which helps to transfer your DNA to the aliens so that you can be recognized as a Raëlian when the time comes for the final judgment.

What are the beliefs of the Raëlians?

Philosophically, Raëlians oppose war and violence in all its forms. Raëlians frequently appear at anti-war rallies dressed as aliens (which seems incongruous since they say that aliens look like humans). Raëlians also embrace free love and nudity. They consider love to be the answer to virtually all of the world’s problems.

How many Raëlians are there?

And as you might have guessed from the name, it should be done while naked. It’s hard to say exactly how many Raëlians there are. The official estimate by the religion is about 85,000. It also seems to be more popular in Japan and South Korea than anywhere else.

What is Raelism?

However, after a visit from extraterrestrials, his worldview shifted and he founded Raelism — the religion that says humanity is an alien experiment. Kurita KAKU/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images Claude Vorilhon (A.K.A Raēl), founder of Raelism.

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