What is the rank of IISER in the world?

What is the rank of IISER in the world?

The 2021-22 edition of CWUR’s Global 2000 List ranked IISER Pune 1124 in the world out of 19,788 universities worldwide. The list also ranks IISER Pune at 22 nationally and at 330 in the regional (Asia) level. Among the performance indicators that CWUR employs, IISER Pune scored in the research performance category.

Which IISER is best?

One of the best IISERs, based on students’ review on Shiksha.com, is the Pune campus. The college is considered to be the best based on course structure and affiliations with foreign universities. However, IISER Pune, Mohali, and Kolkata are among the top three choices for students planning to venture into R&D.

What is the benefit of IISER?

It does not cost you and your parents any money. If you are admitted to an IISER, you get the INSPIRE scholarship that is Rs. 5000 per month for all five years. You don’t spend a penny, you get world class education and you will launch into a career of science.

Is IISER good for research?

IISER is a great platform to pursue science and better than IITs to become a scientist. You can excel as a scientist. As IISERs are the best in India in research education (IISc is an exception). Choose IISER if your priority is research and science rather than making money.

Which is better Iiser or IIT?

If you are interested to do research in basic sciences, then obviously IISERs are the best option in India. IISERs were made for the purpose of doing research after all the IITs(except one or two) failed in doing good research in basic sciences. IISERS are doing a great jobs so far it’s inception.

What is the cutoff for Iiser?

JEE-Advanced Channel Additional cut-off criteria for marks obtained in 10+2 board examination is also applicable. The cut-off marks in (10+2) as eligibility for admissions is: 60% marks in aggregate or equivalent grade for GEN/OBC and OBC-NCL categories and 55% for SC/ST/PWD in any recognized board.

What is the future of Iiser students?

Academia (Research): After doing a PhD, post your BS-MS course, you can join any CSIR labs or University or research lab as a staff scientist or principal investigator. Academia (Teaching): The IISER graduates can take up a teaching job in any school/University after qualifying the requisite exams like UPSC, B.

Which is the top Iiser in India?


# Name Established
1 IISER Kolkata 2006
2 IISER Pune 2006
3 IISER Mohali 2007
4 IISER Bhopal 2008

What is salary after IISER?

IISER Salaries

Job Title Salary
PhD Student salaries – 9 salaries reported ₹33,667/mo
PhD Graduate Student salaries – 4 salaries reported ₹37,744/mo
Student salaries – 4 salaries reported ₹5,412/mo
Postdoctoral Research Associate salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹61,476/mo

Can I go abroad after IISER?

The IISER students are able to do their summer internships either at IISER itself or in any international institutes. International internship is accessible to students with excellent academic records through the support of fellowships like DAAD WISE (Working Internships in Science and Engineering) or S.N.

What is better MBBS or IISER?

MBBS refers your entry to the arena of Medical Science where you would be dealing with the intricacies of Human Body whereas IISER would give you a chance to pursue your research career in the field that your aspire the most.

What is the future of IISER students?

What is the ranking of IISER Kolkata in India?

As per the NIRF ranking of IISER, Kolkata, it has received 29 ranks among all other institutes in India. In the World University Ranking, It ranks at 601-800th among all other global Universities. Ques. What is the placement trend of IISER, Kolkata in part three year?

How is IISER Kolkata rated in Nature Index 2021?

The Nature Index annual table 2021 has rated the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata as 4th among the top-most academic institutions in the country. Last year, the institute at Nadia’s Mohanpur had ranked 5th in the category.

What is the overall ranking of IISERs in NIRF 2018?

Overall ranking of IISERs in NIRF – 2018 are as follows:- 1 IISER KOLKATA- RANK 25 2 IISER PUNE – RANK 32 3 IISER MOHALI – RANK 55 4 IISER BHOPAL – RANK 56 5 IISER THIRUVANANTAPURAM – RANK 58

What is the rank of Nadia’s Mohanpur in IISER?

Last year, the institute at Nadia’s Mohanpur had ranked 5th in the category. Among all categories of institutions across the country, the IISER has ranked 7th for its high-quality scientific research. In 2019-20, the institute had ranked 8th in the overall category.

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